The Concrete Espresso Machine Hitting Kickstarter

Born out of a passion for good coffee and a growing boredom with the default espresso machine vernacular, the AnZa brings new life and love to your counter top with this concrete espresso machine.

The coffee world has undergone rapid change over the past few decades, but in spite of industry innovations, little change has occurred around the aesthetics of espresso machines. Why is that? This question burned in the back of the minds of San Francisco Bay Area design studio.

Montaag set out on a process to create something new. The result is the AnZa espresso machine, produced in two variations: one, brutalist concrete, and the other,, an elegant white Corian.

These largely ordinary materials are not often found on espresso machines. But their application shows you don’t need to look far to find design elements that create a dramatically new experience – emotional, practical, or otherwise. The result is a spectacular espresso machine, and an unparalleled conversation piece.

As mentioned, the machine is also available in a white Corian design.

AnZa will be available via the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter at the beginning of August, with machines available at the beginning of 2018. For further information, and to be notified when the campaign launches, sign-up for AnZa news.

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