Dansette X UO Limited Edition Record Player

Urban Outfitters have teamed up with the classic Record Player Manufacturer Dansette to produce a modern machine with a vintage feel.

The design features the traditional dials and speaker mesh albeit with a shiny look to it. The case is faux leather and comes with detachable leg stands.

Dansette became a household name in the 50’s and established themselves as icons of the 1960’s vibrant pop culture that developed around the Beatles and similar British bands.

You can still find some of the originals online for upwards of £600, but this modern collaboration does the old designs justice and comes with some handy modern upgrades like a usb port and audio jack. At £250 I wouldn’t expect these to be around as long as the originals.

Dansette X UO

Dansette X UO Record Player
Dansette X UO Record Player

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