Desplans Architectural Sketches

Founded in 2015 between Paris and Stockholm, architecture gallery Desplans intends to bring the public closer to some of the world’s finest architecture by exposing the creative process and the designs that led to the great work.

Sketches, photographs, collages, plans and prints unveil, not the finished architecture, but its abstract and stylised beginnings and are all available to purchase in signed, limited-edition quantities.


The old doors and shutters were replaced by new ones, without ornaments but hand painted with three different tones of blue.

The flat areas of color become spatial actors in the routine of the apartment. The superimposition of geometries and materials contrasts with the abstract white background and gives this apartment its identity.

Sigrou Avenue

A project to rehabilitate Sigrou avenue, the main axis linking Athens to its coast. This immense artery built in the 70’s, exists only by its unique condition of axis of circulation.

The project is to improve the urban experience by giving it a new identity. The architects’ proposal is to redefine this space as a Vegas strip, suggesting a more entertaining journey for the users, with public activities and programs related to water.

This drawing was part of the 8 visions of the future Athens presented in the Greek pavilion of the Venice Biennale of Architecture of 2012.

Manhattan Living Room

Manhattan’s Living Room is a digital black and white photograph taken from inside a model made of wood and cardboard. The point of view shows the layout of a luxurious apartment inside a housing project in Chelsea.

The prefabricated concrete structure of the building draws the lines of this rhomboidal piece, which offers a broad panorama of the New York skyline.



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