Dubbed a ‘Young pop god’ by GQ – We sit down with MAX and discuss Love Me Less

He’s officially back, with a new fantastic visual and musical style MAX has definitely caught our attention! If you haven’t heard his new single Love Me Less, well quite frankly where have you been?! With several versions consisting of brilliant collaborations and remixes – take your pick! Off The Cuff LDN caught up with the “young pop god” (GQ) and fashion icon (thanks to wife Emily) to talk about yellow, fashion and the future!

OTC: Your music videos are very creative, Love Me Less is a great example of this – how hands on do you get to be with your own styling and videos?

MAX: I’m so intensely hands on. Luckily all of my collaborators embrace it and thrive with me. But I feel like if I’m not involved in every bit of the music and brand then it will slip away from the vision I hope for it represent.

MAX Love me less lyrics

OTC: Yellow is a prominent colour in your current music videos and shoots, is there a reasoning behind this?

MAX: I had this surgery where I couldn’t speak for about 4 months. Coming out of that, when I could write new music again, I just knew yellow was the color for the new album. It gave me hope in dark times and I wear it in every instance to remind myself and the fans of that same hope I needed.

OTC: Coloured suits feature regularly in your shoots and music videos, is this a favourite look outside of work?

MAX: Here and there. I’m either in cozy sweats and hoodies at the airport, or more of the suit and elegant style. Very opposite worlds.

OTC: What is your favourite item of clothing in your wardrobe?

MAX: I’ve got these Yatay yellow shoes – that I have multiple pairs of for on stage – I’m very obsessed with them! But I ruin them every few weeks from all the dancing in the shows.

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OTC: You have spent some time in the UK recently on your tour. Did you get to do any shopping?

MAX: My wife is the shopping guru. She is always finding insane things for me in London when we come to visit her family (she’s from Brighton), or when we’re in London for shows.

OTC: What is your favourite British fashion brand?

MAX: Christian Cowen is a good friend, so I’d have to say him first. There are so many sick new brands emerging from the UK though!

MAX Love me less album

OTC: You’ve modelled for top brands such as Dolce & Gabbana and been a very successful singer and dancer since a young age. How do you think this has affected your interest in fashion?

MAX: It certainly got me interested in the whole process and instilled a love for risk taking fashion gurus. The right clothes bring you to a whole other level of yourself. The best designers do things you would never think were possible before with clothing, or they redefine what a classic look is.

OTC: Describe your personal (clothing) style in 3 words.

MAX: Energetic, classic, yellow (Currently at least haha).

OTC: Your beautiful wife Emily is a big inspiration for your music, but what is your opinion on couples dressing?

MAX: Well Emily is a fashion guru, so she is basically the muse for all the fashion and the music. So I’m definitely all for it.

MAX Love me less wife

OTC: You have blown us away again with your amazing new releases and tour, what other exciting plans do you have in the pipeline for us to look forward to?

MAX: Well there’s a full album in the work, so stoked to finally releasing that! Many more singles, some very very special surprise features, some wild music videos – it’s going to be a delicious year of things! All yellow in some way of course!

OTC: Collaboration is key at present, particularly in the music and creative industries, what musician/ singer would you most like to collaborate with?

MAX: Well Beyonce would be a dream. Justin Timberlake would be insane. Stevie Wonder would be a whole other level. Khalid and I have incredible hugs and we will probably do a song about those hugs one day.

MAX Love me wiki

OTC: Similarly, which fashion brand would you be most interested in collaborating with?

MAX: The dream list is a bit outrageous. I’ve become incredibly close with Christian Cowen in the last year. He is the kindest soul and we were introduced through a friend and just connected right away. I’m sure we’ll create something special together, but it’s just been the best to start with such a real friendship.

OTC: You played many characters in your acting career growing up, was it difficult to develop your own style because of this?

MAX: I felt like the acting world was me trying to become someone and find their truth within the character. For my music, it’s always been about bringing out the most authentic truth and fighting through the BS that comes with revealing and staying true. I think the acting helped me to realise the importance of connecting with a person: because they are both transparent, but always look like they know something you don’t.

MAX Love me less

OTC: You are also a fantastic dancer, have you ever had difficulty in looking stylish and being able to have the movement required for a brilliant performance?

MAX: Thank you so much! My wife wants to kill me sometimes because she has the battle of finding something suitable for onstage, fitting with the brand, and also stretchy enough to do the dance moves I do. It is certainly a fine fine balance to maintain between the two!

OTC: Your current hair style in your music videos is very clean cut – how hard is this to maintain, and what are your favourite beauty products?

MAX: This new cycle has been a bit of a rebirth with all of the outfits, the haircut and vibe. My wife has an amazing skin care routine so, I piggyback her P50 and face masks for planes with dry air etc. I definitely love the whole process with the nightly face wash, P50 toner, moisturiser for under the eyes and face.

MAX Love me less wiki

OTC: You have been known for your variety of talent and surprising us with changes in your style both musically and visually. Are there anymore surprises in store for us in 2019?

MAX: Oh, the surprises keep on coming! I feel like every day new things come at us; like the Jimmy Kimmel performance for Love Me Less which only got confirmed 6 days before! Watch out for a new version of Love Me Less with a surprise special guest who I’ve been obsessed with for years.

I’m sure lots of new music, lots of new surprises – for both us and the fans – is to come!

MAX Love me less kim petras

The fabulous new version of MAX’s hit song Love Me Less ft Kim Petras launched 6th September – we recommend you take a listen now!

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