Escape the City with your own Muji Hut.

Japanese design brand Muji’s quest for simplification extends far beyond notebooks and home appliances. They are now designing homes. Over 30 years, without really meaning to, they have built a brand. Their focus is quality materials, simplified design & streamlined processes to create products that encapsulate the philosophy that simplicity is not merely modest or frugal, but could possibly be more appealing than luxury.

This quest has led them to create their own radically new concept of housing, The Muji Hut: A very special place of your own.

Who hasn’t dreamt of living somewhere they really want to be? The tools to make that dream a reality are now available in the form of a prefabricated hut. It’s not as dramatic as owning a house or a vacation home, but it’s not as basic as going on a trip. Put it in the mountains, near the ocean, or in a garden, and it immediately blends in with the surroundings, inviting you to a whole new life.

From the Outside

All of the wood used for the hut is from Japan. The outer walls are given enhanced antiseptic properties and durability by applying burned hardwood cladding. This is borrowed from the traditional art of Japanese shipbuilding, where builders burn cedar wood to increase its strength and add an oil stain finish.

Inside the Muji Hut

The interior is compact at 9m2, but the porch and the high shed roof create a space large enough for 3–4 people to relax in. The large window at the entrance was originally made to be a shop’s sliding door. Light and wind visit through another smaller window.

You can now order your own Muji Hut for just over $20,000 online here.


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