The Glen Scotia Grand Tour

You can imagine our confusion when we stepped into Borough Market, London and were transported to a traditional whisky distillery in Campbeltown, Scotland.

This magically precise replica set of Glen Scotia’s production location was created especially for the Glen Scotia Grand Tour to immerse attendees in an authentic ‘on location’ experience  of the distinctive whisky region from the comfort of their own city… and what a fantastic home-from-home tour it was!

Glen Scotia Grand Tour Whisky Tasting
Image courtesy of Christopher Sutherland

The head of the distillery, Iain, sold Glen Scotia (and a future holiday to this unique Scottish location) before we even got to taste the whisky, through his knowledge and pure passion for the company and historic town where he has lived all of his life. Campbeltown.

Glen Scotia Grand Tour Neil
Image courtesy of Christopher Sutherland

Campbeltown is the smallest, and one of the most remote of Scotland’s five Scotch whisky producing regions and was known as the whisky capital of the world in the Victorian age. Back then the town was home to more than 30 distilleries, but today only three remain.

To begin the evening we were handed the most spectacular whisky based cocktail named The Grand Tour, composed specifically for the touring event, along with the cocktail there were a multitude of canapes all produced from Campbeltown’s local produce. With these local Scottish delicacies we stood in a copy of Neil’s office, with incredible ‘false windows’ showing moving visuals of his sea view and a collection of some of his favourite historic memorabilia on whisky and Campbeltown.

Glen Scotia Grand Tour
Image courtesy of Christopher Sutherland

We were later guided into the Dunnage Warehouse where guests found original whisky barrels from the Glen Scotia Distillery. The distillery itself was established in 1832 on the Kintyre Peninsula. The Glen Scotia award-winning whiskies are known for their maritime influence and are representative of traditional local character.

Glen Scotia Grand Tour Barrel
Image courtesy of Christopher Sutherland
Glen Scotia Grand Tour Cask
Image courtesy of Christopher Sutherland

The experience included a very intriguing talk on the exceptionally traditional distillery and its produce. We were then lucky enough to try four of Glen Scotia’s whiskies, all with their very own exquisite favours. We were taught the correct method of tasting; important so the alcohol fumes to not distort your sense of smell and taste.

Glen Scotia Grand Tour Whisky
Image courtesy of Christopher Sutherland

The Victorian adaption of the Glen Scotia whisky bottle for their special whisky was particularly impressive and was based on the era of the industry. I was also unaware of how radically the cask affected the taste, previous alcoholic occupiers of the barrel and the length that the whisky remains in it are incredibly monumental to the taste of the spirit… once informed of this you can indeed identify the flavoursome blends.

Glen Scotia Grand Tour Victoriana
Image courtesy of Christopher Sutherland

Despite the amazingly authentic interactive pop-up, the lustrous history and the heart felt passion of the incredibly friendly hosts truly made the event.  With every sip you take, you know these passionate people have put complete care into creating it. It is their hope that you enjoy the flavour as much as they enjoy producing it.

Glen Scotia Grand Tour Whiskies
Image courtesy of Christopher Sutherland

The tour is now set to go global with intentions to visit Germany and the United States of America in the coming months. We can’t wait to visit the real thing!

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