Hidden gems of London. Exploring Kensington.

Hidden gems of London. Exploring Kensington.

Travelling around the UK, it’s always a pleasure to return to London. Today was no different and after a busy few days up North I was heading to Kensington for a couple of meetings and to catch up with our team over a few drinks. Arriving back in London I regularly stay around this area, the array of hotels in Kensington really appeals to me and it’s up there with my favourite places in the capital.

My first stop off after catching the tube was, rather predictably, (yet imperative – none the less) for coffee. We’d scheduled our first meeting of the day in a quaint little coffee house about five minutes north of Gloucester Road tube stop, Hjem Kensington. This is my go-to for coffee when I’m around the Kensington area. Away from any elements of rush or commotion, this small but charismatic coffee house is perfect for a quick sit-down brunch and on top of that they do an outstanding oat flat white.

Exploring Kensington - Hjem Kensington - Hotels in Kensington

Onto catching up with the team. As it was Friday, we thought we’d get a few mid-afternoon drinks in, and, walking past a rather unique pub earlier in the day I suggested The Churchill Arms. Having never sipped a drink in this pub I was intrigued as to what was on offer inside after being in awe of its extravagant and aesthetically brilliant exterior.

Exploring Kensington - The Churchill Arms Kensington - Hotels in Kensington

The floral bedecked pub was full of Churchill memorabilia and offers more than just your average pint. Built back in 1750, The Churchill Arms is one of the more historic pubs in London and definitely worth a visit.

Exploring Kensington - The Churchill Arms Pub Kensington - Hotels in Kensington

On a nearby side road to the Churchill arms a charming flower shop caught my eye. John and Jessie, next to their sister shop, Jack and Jessie tempted me in to buy my girlfriend some flowers. As I’d been away from London for a few days I thought the gesture may go down well upon my return.

Exploring Kensington - John and Jessie Kensington - Hotels in Kensington

I finished up the day by catching up with an old friend over a curry. When it comes to eating out, I like to try different restaurants as often as possible and today, as we sauntered along Kensington High Street, we came across Zaika. The Indian food was incredible and after the meal we got chatting to the manager who was an absolute gentleman; this rounded off a magnificent meal and a superb day around Kensington.

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