How Can You Tell If A Car Is Really Reliable Or Not?

How Can You Tell If A Car Is Really Reliable Or Not?

Reliability is a key concern when buying a car. The last thing you want is a car that breaks down all of the time, so you need to choose a model that is known for durability and reliability. The problem is, car salespeople talk a big game and they’ll always tell you that a car is going to run for thousands of miles without any problems. The trick is knowing how to tell which cars are reliable and which aren’t. These are some of the key things you should look for. 

How Can You Tell If A Car Is Really Reliable Or Not

Check The Manufacturer

The best way to know if a car is going to be reliable is by looking at how long the manufacturer has been in business and what their reputation is like. Some companies have been around for a long time and are known for their reliability, like Peugeot. If you’re looking for a car that will stand the test of time, look for local Peugeot dealerships and you can’t go far wrong. However, some manufacturers focus more on looks or high-end technology rather than reliability and practicality. 

Talk To A Mechanic

Mechanics are the best people to talk to if you want to know about cars. They’ll know which models have been causing problems and what people have had issues with. It helps if you can find a generalist rather than a specialist because they’ll be able to advise you on all types of car, whereas specialists tend to stick with one or two brands or manufacturers for their whole careers. Taking the advice of a mechanic will help you avoid any seriously unreliable cars. 

Look On Internet Forums

Another place to go is internet forums. There are many dedicated to cars, so it’s well worth checking out what people have been saying about different models. You’ll often get the unvarnished truth from forum users since they don’t care if they offend car makers because they’re not directly affiliated with them. If multiple people on a forum mention that a car keeps breaking down, then it’s probably best to avoid this particular model. These communities tend to be quite welcoming so if you have any specific questions, people will be happy to answer them. 

Take A Test Drive

You can’t really tell how good a car is just by looking at it, so you need to take it out for a spin. If the test drive goes well then that’s great, but if it doesn’t then that’s an indication of things to come. Obviously many factors can influence how well a car drives on one particular day, like bad weather or poor maintenance, but if there are any notable problems with the brakes or steering during your test drive, then you should go with another model. Test drives are especially important when buying a used car because you want to avoid buying a lemon that is going to fall apart as soon as you drive it off the lot. 

Just because a salesperson tells you that a car is reliable, that doesn’t mean it is. So, make sure you do your own research first. 

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