Kinahan’s Whiskey I’M OK Collaboration
Kinahan’s Whiskey I’M OK Collaboration.

Originally known as the pioneer of Irish Whiskey, Kinahan’s has officially launched their must-buy collectable art piece “I’M OK”. This is the first release in a new series entitled – KASC™. A project founded by Kinahan’s to create limited collectable art pieces. Pieces that help support a wider cultural mission and make collectors of the pieces active enablers of change for tangible social causes. “I’M OK” was created by one of Italy’s most iconic artists, Marcantonio.

Kinahan's Whiskey I'M OK - Marcantonio at work

First in series.

“I’M OK” is the first in a series of collaborations between world-renowned artists and groundbreaking charitable causes. The art piece is a feat of craftsmanship from internationally acclaimed artist Marcantonio, encapsulating what we lived through individually and collectively as a society in 2020. It is an unusual and emotional sculptural figure, miniaturised and encased in a Kasc Project Whiskey bottle – yet still raising a lifesized thumbs-up to the world – a declaration of positivity, even in confinement. A rare creation in a long line of eye-catching, playful and provocative works from Marcantonio.

Kinahan's Whiskey Bottle Art

KASC™ project.

Historically, Kinahan’s Whiskey has often defied long-held stereotypes. Their ethos ever since their foundation in 1779 has been to do things differently. Kinahan’s aims to celebrate mavericks in the worlds of whiskey, art and social change and the KASC™ project is as much a hybrid as its namesake whiskey. The Kasc Project Whiskey is the world’s first series of whiskeys made in hybrid casks. Each cask is individually constructed from a mix of 5 different types of wood. These include unusual oak varieties and even chestnut creating a blend of rich, unusual new flavours – a riot of wood.

Kinahan's Whiskey Bottle

As Zak Oganian, Managing Director of Kinahan’s explains “KASC™ is a deeply meaningful project. Our team is extremely proud of it. Looking back to over 240 years of history and innovation behind the Kinahan’s brand, today we look at the brand’s impact for the future and it feels right to go beyond whiskey, beyond brands, beyond profit and bring a long-term purpose to the forefront of our brand family and our everyday life.”

Kinahan's Whiskey I'M OK Collaboration

Food For Soul.

Profits from this particular release are donated to Food For Soul. A non-profit organisation established by world famous chef Massimo Bottura and his wife Lara Gilmore. Food For Soul’s mission is recovering food that would otherwise go to waste and transforming it into healthy meals.

“You may be asking what an Irish whiskey maker, Italian iconoclastic artist and a hospitality-based non-profit have in common. All three of us embrace collaborations to raise our voices and provoke change. Massimo and I founded Food for Soul to expand the key principles of Osteria Francescana to our community kitchens called Refettorios. Similarly, the Irish whiskey makers Kinahan’s have created the KASC™ Project to use art as a tool to inspire change, collective thought and foster social programs.” says Lara Gilmore, Founder of Food For Soul.

Kinahan's Whiskey I'M OK KASC


“I’M OK” by Marcantonio is a limited-edition of 500 collectible artworks. Available for order at €500 per piece from September 7, 2020 exclusively via Each piece arrives in an exclusive decorative wooden case, with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity, and custom-designed handling gloves.

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