Luxury Chocolate With Firetree

Luxury Chocolate With Firetree.

Last year we were lucky enough to visit the Firetree Chocolate Factory and get a glimpse into the fantastic work of the UK’s super premium chocolate maker. Today we are celebrating the release of the Firetree 25g bar (just in time for Christmas!).

Luxury Chocolate and Wine - Firetree Chocolate

Firetree Chocolate 25g Bar.

Previously only offering 65g bars, Firetree, the British super-premium chocolate brand, is delighted to announce the launch of their new Firetree 25g set, containing all seven of their single-estate chocolate bars – ranging from 69% to 100% cocoa. Available to order as a letterbox pack, the set will enable you to go on a taste journey through the remote, far-flung islands of the Pacific Ring of Fire,  Madagascar and Philippines – home to the cocoa trees, or “our firetrees”, which bear the best quality cocoa beans.

What is luxury chocolate?

As you may or may not know, the majority of the world’s chocolate derives from Ghana and the Ivory Coast.

Firetree’s chocolate is a cut above the rest. They source their cocoa from Madagascar and the Philippines which accounts of just over 1% of the sourcing of world chocolate – the unique flavour and rarity is unparalleled.

Luxury Chocolate and Wine - Laithwaites

It’s all in the bean!

Luxury chocolate for you.

The British are among the highest consumers of chocolate in the world.

According to Mintel, the average Brit ate 8.4kg of chocolate back in 2017 and as luxury chocolate becomes more and more popular, our indulgence is set to rise.

Luxury Chocolate and Wine - Firetree 25g bar

Premium chocolate interest in particular has soared. Firetree have made luxury chocolate more accessible since their inception and by offering the new 25g bar to the market, more and more people will be able to enjoy the fantastic taste.

Luxury Chocolate and Wine - Firetree Instagram

I personally love nothing more than settling down with a glass of red, ready to break into a bar of Firetree whilst flicking through a book.

Luxury Chocolate – Firetree gift box

Luxury Chocolate and Wine - Firetree Packaging

TWO chances to win a 7-bar 65g Gift Set of Firetree Chocolate.

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