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A couple of months back we were lucky enough to team up with ROX and check out what goes into a high end luxury watch when we covered the Hublot Big Bang.

We’ve now teamed up again to share with you our favourite facts from their incredible 100 things to know about luxury watches.

Number 58.

The “tick-tick-tick” of a wristwatch is rather quicker than the steady “tick-tock” of a pendulum grandfather clock: normally 8 ticks per second.

ROX X Off The Cuff LDN Lucury Watch Facts tick-tick-tick

Number 59.

A chronometer is a watch whose movement has been tested for accuracy by Switzerland’s official timing bureau, COSC. The demands are very high: only a few seconds of variation per day under the most difficult temperature and position conditions normally encountered while wearing.

ROX X Off The Cuff LDN Lucury Watch Facts ChronometerNumber 73.

Hublot is the modern master of innovative materials science, from titanium to carbon fibre to totally transparent sapphire crystal., plus a rainbow of ceramics, its most significant, however, is a scratch-proof gold, whose foundry is entirely conceived and situated in-house, so-called ‘magic gold’ is made by fusing (Hublot’s tagline is ‘The Art of Fusion’ after all) 24-carat gold with a porous matrix of ceramic, to yield rock-hard 18-carat gold, which unlike every other gold watch, will always look pristine for years to come.

ROX X Off The Cuff LDN Lucury Watch Facts Gold

Number 88.

When Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak was launched in 1972, it immediately captured the attention for two very good reasons. Firstly for its truly original styling, the work of Gérald Genta – the famed designer also behind Patek Philippe’s Nautilus and IWC’s Ingenieur. He imagined its octagonal bezel, held in place by eight visible screws, on an integrated bracelet in the space of a single night after a last-minute request from AP to design a watch that would appeal to the Italian market. Secondly, because the Royal Oak was the first-ever high-end sports watch. Audemars Piguet flouted convention by making its watch in steel for more than the equivalent watch in gold. The watch took its innovative shape and name from a porthole on HMS Royal Oak, the 1916 warship in turn named after the tree that King Charles II took refuge in during the Civil War.

ROX X Off The Cuff LDN Lucury Watch Facts Royal Oak

Number 95.

Watches on display in shops are often pre-set to ten minutes past ten or ten minutes to two. This is known as ‘happy time’ due to the watch’s face resembling a smiley face. This is to subliminally improve your mood while perusing the watches.

ROX X Off The Cuff LDN Lucury Watch Facts Happy Hour


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