Luxury Weddings Don’t Have To Cost A Fortune

Luxury Weddings Don’t Have To Cost A Fortune.

They say you can’t put a price on love. But that shouldn’t be an excuse to let your wedding plans spiral out of control.

While some couples don’t get into any financial issues when planning their wedding, some end up asking their parents for money, 10% will take out a personal loan (click over here to find out more about this type of loan), and a few end up in debt because of the price of their big day.

Sure, it will be the happiest day of your lives. Nonetheless, you can’t afford to let one day cause years of financial struggles. Given that the average UK wedding costs well over 20,000, any opportunity to save money should be grabbed with both hands.

You still deserve a luxury wedding. Here’s how you can achieve it while still keeping one eye on the expenses.

Ask Guests To Help Out

The days of people getting married and then moving in together are long gone. As such, many of the traditional wedding gifts are now obsolete. Homewares, for example, are a waste of their money and your time. So, why not ask for contributions instead.

Directly asking for money instead of a gift may feel a little grotesque. There are alternatives. You could ask a group of friends to pay for the wedding band hire or photographer. Or you could ask bridesmaids and best men to pay for their own suits. It just makes sense for all parties involved in the modern age.

Luxury Weddings Don't Have To Cost A Fortune

Think Beyond The Wedding

Many of the wedding items are hired for literally one day and will cost a fortune. When it’s a service like catering or entertainment, that’s fine. Unfortunately, paying silly money for vehicle rentals can leave a sour taste. Buying a luxury vehicle will cost more, but it also delivers years of happy driving. That has to be better value for money.

Similarly, there are plenty of decor items that you could lose in favour of luxury items that can be used at home. Many now choose to have neon signs to pose in front of from a site like which they can then take home and place on their wall. Besides, having those items in your marital home will remind you of the most magical time in your lives. While it won’t necessarily save you money in preparations for the big day, it will save you money in the long run when it comes to decorating the home.

Essentially, when the day is integrated into your much larger life plans, the benefits will be huge.

Limit Your Guest List

Every newlywed couple wants to share their big day with their nearest and dearest. Once upon a time, it was almost impossible to envision a luxury wedding without hundreds of guests. It is just one of many ways life has changed since the pandemic.

Every aspect from the catering bill to the room rentals will increase when you have more people at your wedding. Besides, keeping it a little smaller actually allows you to mingle and appreciate the people who matter most. As the pandemic has shown, who we spend our time with is the key to happiness.

If nothing else, it gives you an excuse for an engagement or post-honeymoon bash with a larger group of people. Perfect.

If you were going to hire a friend’s small business to bake the cake, you could ask them to do it for free or at a discount.

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