Maintain your moustache this Movember with ADAM Grooming’s top tips

Maintain your moustache this Movember with ADAM Grooming’s top tips.

With men’s health and well-being taking centre stage for the month of November with both International Men’s Day (IMD) and Movember shining a light on men making a positive difference in the world, there is no better time to visit ADAM Grooming for some well-deserved self-maintenance!

Whether you are planning to grow a stylish tache for Movember or looking for a new look in celebration of International Men’s Day, ADAM Grooming has got you covered with top tips on how to maintain your moustache and 25% off clean shaves for Londoners growing their tache in November, alongside offering tailored services such as the Directors Cut to leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!

Maintain your moustache this Movember with ADAM Grooming's top tips

ADAM Grooming is a premium male grooming brand and collection of ateliers across London, delivering traditional barbering services in a spa-like atmosphere. Designed as an escape for the modern-day gentleman, looking for a timeless barbering experience.

Maintain your moustache this Movember with ADAM Grooming atelier

ADAM Grooming’s top tips to maintain your moustache this Movember:

  1. To kick things off on the 1st November, visit your barber to get a clean shave and consultation on which moustache style suits you best. ADAM Grooming will be offering advice and tips on how to grow and maintain your moustache throughout the month.
  2. Shave your moustache regularly! If you’re growing your first moustache, shave every few days for first two weeks and then reduce to once every week. This will ensure you maintain your desired moustache shape, to keep it looking stylish and tidy at all times. ADAM is offering Londoners a 25% discount on clean shaves throughout November to maintain your moustache. Book your appointment here and use the discount code ‘ShaveOff’ at checkout to apply the discount.
  3. Remember to wash and condition. The barbers at ADAM recommend washing and conditioning your moustache alongside using a beard balm or a beard oil. If your skin is not used to growing a moustache then use a balm or oil to help avoid itchiness and irritation. Try ADAMs Beard Oil (£10) and Beard Balm (£10) – available to purchase exclusively in-store.

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