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Back in November I reached out to Alex Dalley over at I was confident Alex knew his stuff as he had previously introduced me to MMUK and hooked me up with a few products last year. I was in need of a few fresh products to add to my moisturising and grooming regime as I knew the winter temperatures were fast approaching and a couple of additions were needed to combat the dangers that come along with the colder climate.

… Now, if you’re not familiar with just how much the colder temperatures affect your skin it’s definitely worth reading on!

The wintry weather can cause havoc to your skin in many ways. Firstly, and perhaps most obviously, the dry and windy weather causes evaporation of your skin’s moisture creating dryness and discomfort. Furthermore, when the temperature outside drops, the skin’s pores shrink considerably which in turn causes heat to accumulate inside the skin, resulting in oily and ‘loaded’ skin. Untreated, this condition will lead to an outbreak of redness, rashes, and even acne.

Winter really can be an unforgiving mistress on the skin, so, to avoid your skin becoming dry, flaky, and tight you really should look into what products are right for you to maintain a healthy complexion.

In this article I road tested a few products that you could incorporate into your daily routine! Skin


All moisturisers featured are against animal testing and are cruelty free.

Probably your best weapon against the dehydrating effects of winter. Keeping your skin hydrated is incredibly important. As mentioned above, the dryness and stiffness of your skin during the colder months could make it susceptible to infections and outbreaks. Moisturisers help keep your skin smooth and supple.

Alex, using his expertise, was kind enough to send me 3 moisturisers to try out. I decided to give them all thorough test by using one per month from November up until the end of January. Skincare

Anthony Oil Free Facial Lotion (November)

As a general rule, creams hydrate better than lotions because the ingredients that make them creamy also form a physical barrier that traps moisture in skin. However, I didn’t find this to be the case with the Anthony Facial Lotion.

If you suffer from slightly oily skin like myself this is the ideal lightweight moisturiser for you. An oil-free formula binds moisture to the skin to prevent surface dehydration. It does this, effectively hydrating your skin, without blocking your pores or leaving any kind of greasy residue which is key in the modern skincare market! Anthony Facial Lotion

Bulldog Anti-Ageing Moisturiser (December)

Bulldog have enjoyed a rapid rise to notoriety as an affordable men’s skincare brand. To become such a household name in such a short time within men’s cosmetics they must be doing something right… and they are.

To be completely honest I didn’t expect too much from the Bulldog road test as I have previously tested out a few more ‘higher end’ skincare brands. I wasn’t expecting Bulldog to compete with other moisturisers on the market that were a little bit more expensive however this product pleasantly surprised me and exceeded my expectations.

Packed with 5 essential oils, millet seed and oak apple tannins, Bulldog really did deliver on their promise for visibly smoother and more nourished skin in four weeks.

Bulldog quickly became ‘man’s best friend’. Bulldog Moisturiser

Jack Black Double-Duty Face Moisturiser (January)

Jack Black products are quite distinctive, which, in a very competitive market can only be a good thing. The double-duty moisturiser is not only distinctive in appearance but it is probably one of the most advanced facial treatment products out there at the moment. Jack Black Face Moisturiser

Jack Black flaunts a pure science formula which locks in nature’s best-using certified organic ingredients with no fragrance, parabens or colourants. On top of that the hydrating moisturiser also boasts an SPF which is a fantastic addition to a skincare product. (It really helped me out when I visited a cold but sunny Lithuania earlier this month!).

The moisturiser’s potent antioxidants and vitamins, including blue algae extract and sea parsley, notably improved my skin’s overall appearance (I received quite a few compliments at work!), whilst leaving me feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Jack Black Moisturiser

Facial Cleansers

When the moisturisers arrived I was thrilled to see an additional product which I had not expected. Alex had sent over a facial cleanser to complement the moisturisers with a note informing me of the importance of cleansing your skin on top of your moisturising regime.

Throughout the day the skin on your face is continually covered with bacteria, viruses and dirt. Facial cleansers are important in removing dead skin cells, oil, dirt, and other types of pollutants from the skin of the face keeping it healthy. By cleansing you’re creating a clean canvas for your skin to be more receptive to the application of moisturisers. Think of it as allowing the skin to feed off the moisturiser you are about to apply.

Recipe For Men Facial Cleanser

One of the best facial products I’ve used; a new favourite. Recipe for men have produced a deep cleanser that detoxifies skin, reduces oil production, shine and pore size, without over drying.

The formula is mild enough not to dry out skin but effectively detoxifies by removing dirt and excess sebum (an oily secretion of the sebaceous glands) from the pores.

Firstly algae and cucumber extracts hydrate the skin before aloe vera soothes and heals any skin irritation (a very important factor for myself). Then, a complex of burnet, cinnamon and ginger work to remove excess oil, minimise pores and prevent shine.

I found this facial cleanser to be the perfect preparation before applying moisturiser to my skin. I’d definitely recommend! Recipe For Men Facial Cleanser

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