Meet the mixologist – 5 of the best cocktails for Summer

Meet the mixologist – 5 of the best cocktails for Summer.

Ramsey Keir and the Herno Fizz

Ramsey was brought up in Bath before time spent refining his trade in a wide range of top cocktail bars around the UK and Australia. Now settled in Tooting and general manager of Goldfinch,Ramsey runs his own online tasting classes and has exciting plans to launch his own sister bar for2021.

Favourite cocktail: Paper Plane.

Favourite spirit:Single Malt Whisky.

Top Tips For Cocktail Perfection:

  1. When creating a new drink, start adding complimentary ingredients. If you get to 5, start again.
  2. Always keep a journal of ideas that come to mind during your day so you can revisit themlater, cocktail names, flavour pairings, innovative techniques you like to try, it means you’re more likely to actually work on them.
  3. Something Strong, Something Bitter, Something Sweet.

Goldfinch is an award-winning independent neighbourhood cocktail bar equidistant from Tooting overground train and Tooting Broadway underground stations. The laid back venue offers both indoor and outdoor seating plus has a bottle shop and offers delivery. Offering a classic selection of cocktails and an imaginative team always excited to create something specific or special to the customer’s taste, the bar has quickly garnered a loyal local following since its launch in 2017.

Meet the mixologist - 5 of the best cocktails for Summer - Herno Fizz Rose Gin


  • 35ml Hernö Gin15ml Rose Liqueur.
  • 25ml Lemon Juice.
  • 15ml Sugar Syrup2 Dashes Rhubarb Bitters.
  • 60ml Soda.
  • Garnish: Lemon wedge/ rose petals.
  • Ice: Chunky cubes.

Method: Add the first 5 ingredients to a cocktail shaker. Shake well and then double strain into a glass withsome chunky ice cubes. Top with the soda. Garnish with a fat lemon wedge.

Russell Burgess and the Air Mejor

With 25 years of experience in the trade, Russell has been a pioneer in London opening great bars such as Mahiki, The Box, the Crobar and Loves Company. He now runs an events and consultancy company called Wet & Dry, as well as the roaming bar Loves At!

Favourite cocktail: The one in my hand…

Favourite spirit: Rum.

Top Tips For Cocktail Perfection:

  1. Ice, ice and ice!
  2. Use takeaway plastic containers as back-up (ice trays)
  3. Always have a bottle of soda to hand, and batch prep sugar syrup–it’s cheap and lasts for long enough that you’ll not have to throw it away.

The team from the original Loves bar present Loves At, serving the very best in classic cocktails, new creations and delightful libations. A roaming bar, check on their website to see where they’ll be bringing the party next, or check their shop to order cocktails nationwide to your door!

Meet the mixologist - 5 of the best cocktails for Summer - Air Mejor


  • 35ml Zignum Mezcal.
  • 20ml Honey Syrup.
  • 15ml Lime Juice.
  • Top with Champagne.
  • Garnish: Fancy lime peel.
  • Ice: Rocks for shaking.

Method: Shake first three ingredients in a shaker with ice. Fine strain into chilled glass and top with Champagne. Glass: Champagne or coupe.

Sarah Ben Saud and the Banana Rum Punch

After working for many years in the corporate world, Sarah decided that cocktails was what she wanted to do. After all she loved drinking them and going to bars. So just over 2 years ago she packed in the corporate job and asked a friend and bar owner if he would train her up as a bartender. She has never looked back working at different venues and at events to continue her journey of discovery.

Favourite cocktail:This is a mean question! My go to would be a Gin Martini but I have an extreme weakness for a disco drink (Junebug probably my fave)–it depends on my mood.

Favourite spirit: Gin & Whisky.

Top Tips For Cocktail Perfection:

  1. Keep it super simple–you don’t need an espresso machine to make an Espresso Martini.
  2. Make sure you have a few solid staples on your home bar.
  3. Don’t shy away from experimenting, if you want to use different base spirits than a recipe suggests or change the flavour of a syrup, I say go nuts.

Located in the heart of Fitzrovia, and modelled on the cultural melting pot of communal living,commonly known as “building societies” in Bombay, is Pali Hill. Named after an old city neighbourhood, Pali Hill offers the finest regional Indian small plates, derived from home recipes and traditional techniques, made to share in an informal setting. The restaurant celebrates an eclectic mix of flavours from every corner of the country. A celebration of community and exchange, of eating well and informally, of warmth and sharing.Beneath the Pali Hill, step into a retro Indian smugglers den. Full of spectacular trinkets, foreign liquor, gaudy art, and velvet upholstery, Bandra Bhai is a tribute to underground operations of year sgone by and is now your delightfully tacky, dimly lit, groovy basement spot serving the best cocktails in London.

Meet the mixologist - 5 of the best cocktails for Summer - Banana Rum Punch


  • 45ml Goslings Black Seal Rum15ml Banana Liqueur.
  • 50ml Apple Juice.
  • 50ml Pineapple Juice.
  • 10ml Lime juice.
  • 2 Dashes The Bitter Truth Aromatic Bitters.
  • Garnish: Lime or pineapple.
  • Ice: Shaken.

Method :Combine all ingredients in a shaker with ice and shake. Serve in rocks or highball glass including shaken ice. Garnish:lime or pineapple. Glass: Highball/Rocks.

Kat Stanley Whyte and Topic Like it’s Hot

Kat poured her first cocktail in a backpackers nightclub in Melbourne and on her return started working in bars to help pay her way through university. Following stints at the Basement Bar(Scotland’s largest agave selection cocktail bar) and Signature Pubs where she curated drink menus for the group,she joined her friend and mixologist Sian Buchan to open Edinburgh’s latest late night,live music venue UnoMas with a focus on reinvented classics in March 2020. She’s gone on to win the UK slot for the Altos Tahona Society Global Finals in Mexico sometime this year and was the winner of Ocho Tequilas 2021 Take Me To Mexico competition.

Favourite cocktail: Tommy’s Margarita or a Daiquiri, simple, classic and perfect any time of the day.
Favourite spirit: Anything agave-based, preferably a blanco or reposado tequila, neat.

Top Tips For Cocktail Perfection:

  1. Be aware of how wet your ice is, it can dilute at different rates, especially bagged ice from theshops.
  2. Always measure your citrus–a little wiggle room and it can drastically change the final concoction.
  3. Mad garnishes can be great visually but make sure they are adding to your cocktail, either in scentor taste-do they add a required element? Popping garnishes in for the sake of it can take away from the flavours of the drink itself.

Opened in February 2020, the bar got off to a roaring success with its live music sessions attracting huge numbers of artists and the drink list receiving rave reviews. Unfortunately, the bar had to close after 37 highly successful days due to lockdown and they didn’t qualify for any of the government support. They have endured though and are ready and raring to go again from the 17th May.

Meet the mixologist - 5 of the best cocktails for Summer - Tropic Like It’s Hot


  • 30ml Zignum Espadin Reposado Mezcal.
  • 12.5ml Campari.
  • 12.5ml Triple Sec.
  • 50ml Pineapple Juice.
  • 15ml Lime Juice.
  • 12.5ml Agave Syrup.

Garnish: Orange twist.

Ice: No ice or cubed for a slightly more diluted drink.

Method: Add all the ingredients to a shaker and add ice. Shake well. Remove ice and shake again. Fine strain and pour into your glass. Garnish with an orange twist and serve. Glass: Coupe/Martini.

Liam Groan  and Juniper?! I hardly Know her

Having worked behind the stick in some of Glasgow’s best cocktail venues as well as time spent working in the bar scene in Australia, Liam set up Flùrto unearth and give light to some spectacular drink producers and to showcase creative serves that allow the liquid to shine.

Favourite cocktail: Fino Sherry. Tonic Water. Ice. Lemon Wedge. Bish, Bash, Bosh.

Favourite spirit: Scotch will always be my dayone, but I have an affinity for Rum made in a wooden still that hasn’t been scrubbed in far too long a time.

Top Tips For Cocktail Perfection:

  1. Taste as you make. Every time. Work in this way as it’s easier to correct errors.
  2. Fit your recipe around you. Recipes are a guideline, proof that someone, somewhere has made this cocktail before and balanced it to their taste, but that doesn’t mean it’s right for your party. Start with small amounts of modifiers and add more until you personally think your drink slaps.
  3. Use the cheapest ingredients first! Add your sugar & citrus first, not the £50 Scotch! Work in this way as it’s easier to correct errors.

Flùr is a neighbourhood shop and bar found in the beating heart of Glasgow’s West End, Partick. They specialise in a rotating list of seasonal cocktails and serves, low-intervention wines and drinking with a difference.

Meet the mixologist - 5 of the best cocktails for Summer - Juniper! I Hardly Know Her!


  • 25ml Hernö Old Tom Gin.
  • 15ml Aquafaba.
  • 5 Fresh Raspberries20ml Lemon Juice.
  • 20ml Simple Syrup.
  • 80ml Pedrino Ruby Port & Tonic.
  • A slice of Lemon Peel.

Garnish: Lemon peel & raspberry on skewer.

Ice: Large, cubed ice

Method: Add the simple syrup, lemon juice, a slice of lemon peel, the fresh raspberries, aquafaba, Hernö Old Tom and ice to a shaker and give it a good old shake. Open the shaker and add the Pedrino Ruby Port & Tonic. Fill a tall glass to the brim with ice and strain the cocktail into the glass through a fine mesh strainer.

Meanwhile, check out more of our cocktail recipes for the Summer here.