Finding Minimalist Perfection in Aesop Stores

Since 1987, Aesop have pioneered a new level of grooming product. Formulating skin, hair and body products of the finest quality using a mixture of plant based and laboratory developed ingredients. However perhaps just as fundamental to their success is the contradicting simplicity of the brands aesthetic.

Now, with Aesop stores all over the world including New York, Paris & London – Aesop have developed a strikingly minimal store concept, inspired by the brands long lasting love affair with architecture and the Arts.


[su_quote cite=”Aesop On Design” url=””]In seeking new locations, our first consideration is always to work with what is already in place; we tread lightly with respect to the past, present and future. It is our sincere intention to weave ourselves into the fabric of the street and add something of merit rather than impose a discordant presence.[/su_quote]


In line with their store aesthetic, Aesop have recently launched the microsite Taxonomy of Design.  A digital compendium of their signature stores that pays tribute to the creative processes, materials and features that distinguish Aesop spaces, and the designers and architects with whom they collaborate. This endeavour commenced with a series of filmed interviews with esteemed architects and designers who worked on Aesop stores in Oslo, Melbourne, Kyoto, Paris, and New York; these short films were made in collaboration with Brazilian film-maker Pedro Kok.

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