Mix Up Your Summer Drinks With Mezcal Cocktails

Mix Up Your Summer Drinks With Mezcal Cocktails and receive the gift of excellence hailing from the valleys of Oaxaca, Mexico.

Switch up your summer spirit mixer combo with some delicious, super-easy cocktails from Corte Vetusto. The world’s most awarded mezcal. Corte Vetusto have created two luxury highball serves to savour in the sunshine. Introducing The M.C.T (Mezcal Coffee Tonic), a decadent and refreshing upgrade on the Espresso Martini. Next, The Tobala Hi-ball, simple and delicious with notes of cucumber and lemon.

The fruit of ancient craftsmanship, Corte Vetusto pride themselves on harnessing old techniques to preserve not only the steeped history of Mezcal production but most importantly, the remarkable quality these processes garner.

Mezcal Cocktails – The M.C.T (Mezcal Coffee Tonic)


  • 30ml Corte Vetusto Espadín.
  • 60ml Cold Brew Coffee.
  • Finally, 80ml Premium Tonic.
Mezcal Cocktails - The M.C.T (Mezcal Coffee Tonic) Drinks


  • Firstly, pour all the ingredients over ice, into a hi-ball glass, secondly, stir well and finally, garnish with an orange wedge.
Mezcal Cocktails – The Tobala Hi-ball


  • 50ml Corte Vetusto Tobal.
  • 160ml Agave Lemon Tonic from Artisan Drinks Co.
  • Finally, a Cucumber ribbon.

Mezcal Cocktails - The Tobala Hi-ball Drinks


  • First of all, pour all the ingredients over ice into a hi-ball glass, further stir and finally, garish with the cucumber ribbon.

    Stockists include: Tobala –  Master of Malt and Espadin – Fortnum & Mason.

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