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A couple of months back I was approached by Alex Dalley, Managing Director at MMUK MAN. We got chatting about his company and discussed how more and more modern gents are breaking the mould when it comes to cosmetics, overcoming stereotypes and combating the long established stigma.

We discussed the success of MMUK MAN and how an approach to packaging and using ingredients to perfect a matte finish has appealed more to male audience. Alex was then kind enough to offer me a couple of products to review for myself.

As I work night shifts for 3 days of the week I have used a variety of products this year to keep my skin healthy. My eyes in particular require special attention to prevent any dark circles appearing over time. I decided that, since I was fairly ‘experienced’ in the market, I’d give the products a thorough and honest road test.


MMUK MAN was set up nearly five years ago and serves to meet the demands of the growingly obsessed modern man.  They offer everything from common men’s skin care products like moisturisers, beard products and eye creams, to men’s concealers, foundations and BB creams and the brand is proving to be quite popular.

The growth of social acceptance towards men wearing makeup has also been significant since the turn of the century.  With celebrities such as Russell Brand and David Beckham having confessed to resorting to makeup for men to boost their perfection, the spotlight is now very much on modern day men to get in on the action.

What I’m showcasing today are products from MMUK MAN’s very own skin care for men range, composed of 12 luxurious male skin care products, designed with the most effective and organic ingredients.

MMUK MAN Cosmetics

MMUK MAN Restore Anti-Redness Moisturiser

When the products arrived I was more than impressed. As I briefly touched on before, the packaging from MMUK is exactly what guys are after; plain and straight to the point, the outer cover provides a brief description of the product whilst maintaining a minimalist and clean vibe.

When opening up the moisturiser I was struck by it’s exceptionally minimal, edgy and modern look. A stylish container is extremely important to me. When buying cosmetics I’m not only looking for a top quality product but I want the overall look of the container to be aesthetically pleasing in case I want to have it on display.

MMUK MAN Anti-Redness Moisturiser

I actually suffer from a mild case of Rosacea. If I get overly tired or stressed I tend to go slightly red and periodically come out in blotches. I’ve tried a wide variety of treatments for this however none so far have been particularly successful. I read up on the MMUK Restore moisturiser before I started to use it and although it sounded promising I didn’t hold much hope given my previous experiences.


I’ve used this product now for around 2 months now but I can honestly say I noticed a difference immediately. Over this period I’ve constantly been thinking of the best way to describe this revolutionary cream, but, if I had to pick one word to describe the moisturiser it would be ‘soothing’. Containing an innovative extract of Deep Lime, this moisturiser has been built for normal to dry and sensitive skin types, whilst its softening cream provides enough hydration without leaving a greasy feel on your skin.

MMUK MAN Skin Care

Containing Aloe Vera Gel, Jojoba, Avocado and Grape Seed Oil, MMUK MAN have dedicated this formula to guys who are constantly battling daily redness and in need of a massive boost.

MMUK MAN Active Eye Cream

Now onto the eye cream. This eye cream is incredible, not only was it lauded by Thom Watson over at the Manface Blog (when he talks skin care – you listen!), it was among the winners of the Shortlist men’s grooming awards 2016.

MMUK MAN Active Eye Cream

Personally, working night shifts means tiredness and lack of sleep can wreak havoc on the skin.  (It also means I’ve got a few greys coming through far earlier than I would have liked!).

MMUK MAN Eye Cream

In particular I find my my eyes looking red, tired and at times slightly puffy but after applying the eye cream day and night I quickly noticed a difference. Within 3-4 weeks, like MMUK promised, I could feel (and see) the regeneration of my skin… no more eye fatigue!

MMUK MAN Moisturise

MMUK MAN Anti Ageing

Built with Cera Alba, Dimethicone and revolutionary C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate, achieve the anti-oxidant protection your eyes deserve to seriously fight fatigue, tiredness and under-performing peepers.

MMUK confidently state that ‘this black matte encased product will sit proudly on your bathroom shelf’.’ It does, and it’s the first thing in my wash bag when I’m travelling!

Be sure to check out the full range along with many more fantastic products at MMUK here.

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