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Monroe of London are here and they’re revolutionising skincare for men. Quintessentially British, and born out of London’s famous Harley Street; founders Luke Reynolds and Gareth Boden teamed up with The Harley Street Skin Clinic to deliver a luxurious, duel-purpose skincare and grooming range which is handcrafted right here in the UK.

Monroe caught my attention a couple of months back. I’m a huge advocate of British brands (which is how I first heard of Monroe) and here at OTC we try to champion British craft wherever possible. I’m also (now) very skincare conscious. I am no way an expert however I’ve taken quite a lot on board over the past 18 months due to my employment demands.

Running a financial consultancy means I am usually dotting about the UK from week to week living life out of a suitcase. All this travelling results in very little sleep, so where possible, I really need to concentrate on looking after myself and in particular my skin.

A few weeks back I got chatting with the guys from Monroe. We spoke about the world of blogging, men’s fashion, work and of course skincare and grooming. The guys quickly pointed out that they had the perfect product for my busy lifestyle and they suggested I try out their new travel kit.

Monroe London Travel Kit

Apart from the packaging looking sleek and cool to cater to the modern gentleman, my first thought was ‘what a brilliantly practical idea the guys have brought to the market’… it’s literally the solution the travelling gent has been after for a long time; the ultimate travel companion if you will.

Loaded with conveniently sized versions of their product range, the kit meets all of my skincare and grooming needs while on the go.

Monroe London Skincare

Monroe are even savvy enough to thrown in a liquids bag so you’re able to breeze through security when travelling abroad. Which came in handy for my recent trip to Rome.

Monroe London Rome

Monroe of London Travel Kit highlights:

Monroe of London Matte Clay

As a long-standing advocate of American Crew products, I, perhaps ignorantly, judge a lot of hair products against their standards. For me, a lot of products have tried and failed to live up to Fibre, however Monroe may have cracked it with their Matte clay.

A light clay-like texture delivers a clean, non-greasy matte finish and allowed me to easily wake up and quickly style my hair before a demanding day.

The specially selected natural ingredients keep hair healthy whilst nourishing, protecting and of course, smelling great!

Monroe London Grooming

Monroe of London Cologne

All the Monroe products within the kit offer a clean, crisp and refreshing scent but the cologne is something else.

Citrussy yet herbal, notes of lime, mandarin and bergamot combine with basil, jasmine and green tea to create freshness and warmth.

Again, I usually have a few ‘signature’ colognes on the go, favouring Mont Blanc, Tom Ford and more recently Murdock’s Sea Salt Spray however I’ve now welcomed Monroe as a new addition to complete a fab four fragrance collection.

Monroe of London Moisturiser & Shave Balm

This was the product I was most interested in trying out from the travel pack. Considered hero in the men’s skincare and grooming world, this award-winning moisturiser not only doubles up as a shaving balm but also holds SPF20.

As I darted around the country this moisturiser had my back. The formula contains hyaluronic acid, which holds 1000 times its own weight in moisture. My skin never felt tight, I always looked fresh faced and ready to take on the day. Even for those al fresco lunch meetings; no sun cream required, I had Monroe’s Moisturiser & Shave Balm.

I regularly paired the moisturiser with the rejuvenating night recovery serum. This not only aided my skin after a long day but offered a relaxing way to end the day with a glass of wine in the hotel.

Monroe London Moisturiser Use

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