The Psycho Social Effects of Hair Loss Among Men

Hair is a physical, visible feature. As many people can relate, hair loss can negatively impact the well-being any individual, regardless if we are talking about men or women. However, the highest incidence of hair loss is met amongst men – it could range from losing thickness of the hair to being completely bald.

Balding is a common event amongst men but has no adverse impacts over the general state of health of the respective person, but it can have several negative psycho social effects. Unfortunately, many men do suffer from this issue.

Loss of confidence

One of the main psycho social effects deriving from hair loss is that men tends to lose confidence in their appearance. Individuals perceive themselves to be seen differently by the others. According to a study carried out with European participants (all men) on this matter, it turned out that 62% declared that losing hair can negatively impact their self-esteem.


A far more serious issue that is rarely spoken of is depression. As we continue to fight against the stigma behind speaking out about men’s mental health it is important to address all aspects of mental health issues. Many men, unfortunately, do suffer from depression due to hair loss. A common misconception is that hair loss is irreversible and this causes increased anxiety. However, in this day and age hair loss is no longer seen as an irreversible issue. On the contrary, it can be easily resolved by consulting a hair loss clinic where you are able to assess various types of treatments. Turkey is fast becoming the ‘go to’ choice for many seeking solutions to their hair loss problems, you can find the average costs of hair transplants in Turkey here.

Other types of psycho social effects of hair loss

The aforementioned study, which was comprised of 1536 men, included those from several European countries with an age ranging from 18-45 years old. Other psycho social effects of losing hair that were stated included the following:

  • Self image;
  • Baldness concerns;
  • Fear of looking older;
  • Negative effects regarding their social life.

According to the study, only a handful of the men dealing with hair loss addressed their problem to a specialized clinic, but it is important to know that those who requested hair transplant services had positive results and reported successful procedures and positive results!


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