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A few weeks back the guys over at introduced me to a brilliant new brand. As the Spring/ Summer transition was fast approaching I was after some new products to look good, smell good and feel good. Basically, I wanted to refresh part of my grooming routine. I had a chat with their amazing team and was advised to try out a few products from the Scandinavian skincare brand Recipe for men.

Recipe for men have produced and developed skincare products for men since 2002. They focus on problem solving, tangible results and visible effects, rather than the latest skincare trends. The concept is technical and cutting edge, but with an honest and straightforward approach.

“Recipe for men is all about men’s real skincare needs – tangible results and visible effects.” – Jesper Ronnback, co-founder of Recipe for men.

Recipe for men deodorant stick
As part of my refresh I received the Recipe for men energising bronze cream, deodorant stick and beard elixir. (Gifted)

Recipe for men energising bronze cream

For me, a preferred alternative to a BB cream, I was looking for this cream to primarily provide hydration whilst still offering ‘what is says on the tin’; a gentle bronze tint to my skin.

The ingredients within the cream really made my skin feel great. Extract of African pepper energised my skin which was much needed after an unfortunate lack of sleep, and on top of this hydrogenated jojoba and provitamin B5 offered a magnificent moisturising capability which left my skin feeling velvety and silky smooth.

With the summer months approaching I was pleased to see the cream provided a hint of colour which made my skin look a lot healthier almost immediately. The glow wasn’t too much to look artificial, but instead, improved my complexion with a natural glow.

With the sunnier months well and truly upon us, this product is a more favourable option to hitting the sunbeds. The results are fantastic and the safety/ health benefits of using the bronzing cream are clear and obvious.

Recipe for men skincare

Recipe for men alcohol free deodorant stick

Remember when I mentioned I needed a few products to look good, smell good and feel good? Well, this one has the second point covered!

The Recipe for men deodorant stick contains a formula which remains gentle on the skin, yet resilient against sweat and odour. Scented with woody and floral notes, this product will really stepped up my freshness game.

How does it work? Allantoin and shea butter neutralises bacteria whilst soothing the skin and preventing irritation. Fast-absorbing, it guarantees long-lasting control to help maintain freshness all day long.

The deodorant provided me with long-lasting protection and combined a number of my favourite scents including crispy bergamot with light green, woody and oral notes.

Recipe for men energising bronze cream

Recipe for men beard elixir

If there’s anything I know it’s beards. As you may have read in my bio, I’m an ‘avid beard aficionado’.

This elixir, with a fresh mixture of natural oils and extracts, conditioned, softened and added shine to my beard, which was imperative prior to brushing.

Whilst maintaining healthy facial hair the moisturizing formula also calmed my skin and helped to relieve redness (which I do suffer quite badly from).

Something I was also impressed with was the mix of pine oil, lemon grass, and extract of sea buckthorn which provided anti-fungal action and prevented beard dandruff (something quite prevalent with a lot of bearded gentlemen).

Rubbing a few drops of beard elixir through my facial hair each day really did improve the look and feel of my beard and I would recommend this elixir to any of my bearded friends!

Recipe for men beard elixir

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