Revolutionise aperitivo hour with MARTINI Vibrante

Revolutionise aperitivo hour with MARTINI Vibrante.

So we’re on lock-down. I for one will be taking this as an opportunity for a slight detox and choosing to go alcohol free. What better spell to make use of that downtime in your social schedule and sample a few refreshing alcohol free beverages?


Now, I’m going to avoid using the phrase ‘quarantini’ for the entirety of the article as we go on to introduce you to the latest release from the master blenders at MARTINI, the MARTINI Vibrante.

MARTINI Vibrante – Master blenders

With the growing interest in health and well-being, we are increasingly making more balanced choices, and the trend towards mindful drinking is on the rise.


Possessing 150 years of expertise in wine and herbs, the specialists at MARTINI have created a non-alcoholic offering that celebrates taste and flavour, providing drink connoisseurs with a refreshing option.

Concocted with the same quality wines used for the leading aperitivo brand’s classic vermouths, the alcohol is gently removed and naturally infused with a selection of sustainably sourced botanicals, made with 100% natural flavours.

MARTINI Vibrante – The perfect non-alcohol alternative

With sophisticated non-alcoholic drinks tough to come by, (it’s a struggle to find anything more than a soda water and lime or at best a gimmicky mocktail) MARTINI Vibrante has quenched a thirst as an authentic alternative for aperitivo time.


A masterful blend of natural botanicals, balanced with Italian bergamot to create a fruity aperitivo… The result is a full-flavoured Italian style non-alcoholic aperitivo.

MARTINI Vibrante – A word from Nick Stringer

In the past, deciding not to drink alcohol meant a choice of soda or soft drinks while everyone else enjoyed cocktails; or staying at home on a Friday while your friends went out and enjoyed aperitivo time.

But times are changing, and consumers don’t want to feel like they are missing out when they are being more mindful about their drinking.

Nick Stringer, Global Vice President of MARTINI.

MARTINI VIBRANTE - Non alcoholic

MARTINI Non-Alcoholic Vibrante (75cl) will be available in Ocado, retailing at £10.

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