Be part of the action. Six Nations Rugby with Google.

Be part of the action. Six Nations Rugby with Google.

This year’s Six nations is in full swing. This weekend I’ll be settling down with a few friends to support England in their efforts working towards Rugby’s Greatest Championship.

Support for the home nations is evident throughout the UK, both offline and online. Ahead of the tournament last year, searches for Six Nations on Google rose by 86% in February.

England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France and Italy are set to take part in 15 matches through February to March, it’s no wonder rugby fever is set to grip the nation.

Whether you’re looking to make the most of an away day or, like me, catching the game at home, we’ve put together a few tips on making the most of Rugby’s elite competition.

Six Nations Rugby with Google – Fans heading abroad to support…

As much as I love travelling, wandering aimlessly around foreign streets is tough at the best of times. Couple that with a throng of Rugby fans in the same boat and things can get stressful. Whichever colour you’re sporting for the Siz Nations, Google Pixel 4 is ready to lend a hand.

AR Maps is a great feature. AR Maps allows you to make full use of your camera and help explore the city in between matches. All you have to do is input your destination into Google Maps, select walking directions, hit “Start AR” and follow the floating arrows that pop-up on the screen. Check out the full instructions here.

Be part of the action. Six Nations Rugby with Google Pixel 4

What’s more, Google Lens can help you translate street signs and bar menus to put errors in translation straight in the sin bin! All you have to do is select Lens within your camera app, point to the text and ‘voila’!

Be part of the action. Six Nations Rugby with Google Pixel 4 translate

The Pixel 4 also sports a spectacular camera. Night matches are not a problem for this delightful device, even in low light the can snap crystal clear images. (With such a high powered camera, the phone will have no problem picking up the colours of the England jersey in the dark!). After the game, be sure to snap some stunning panoramic shots of the new city you’ve discovered.

Six Nations Rugby with Google – Watching the game at home

As mentioned, I’ll be keeping up to date with the action from home with a few friends. With the Google Nest Hub Max, I’ll catch all the tries.

Keep up to date on YouTube by saying “Hey Google, show me highlights of the England vs. Italy match”.

Or, if your’re a Rugby novice, learn the basics of the game “Hey Google, teach me the rules of Rugby” or “Hey Google, what’s a scrum?”.

You can also stream games live on the radio, set yourself reminders to watch matches, and even translate foreign player interviews. To understand Italian commentary, say “Ok Google, help me speak Italian” then repeat the sentence and watch the English pop up live on your Nest Hub Max display.

Be part of the action. Six Nations Rugby with Google

After the game I’ll hopefully be celebrating a victory. The Six Nations party will continue as I’ll be playing music on Spotify straight from the device.

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