Time for a Digital Detox with the new Light Phone

The Light Phone is about hit the market, and it’s creators, aptly named ‘Light’, have one simple yet powerful question: In a time where technology products are being built at an exponential rate, it is more important than ever to ask  “why?”.

It is the lack of a suitable answer to this question that has lead to the brands ‘manifesto’ – ‘We are humans, and we are taking our life back’.

Our time & attention are the two most important things that we take for granted, and yet hundreds of times a day we reach for our screens.

Our phones have become our nervous habit, our invisible crutch. We find ourselves reaching for them without thinking. We love their illusion of productivity & stimulation that is socially acceptable to abuse. Multitasking is a myth, it is addictive and exhausting. It is glorified procrastination. When we consume so fast, there is no way for us to appreciate anything, and appreciation gives our lives meaning & purpose.

light phone wallet

Luckily, the Light Phone is your solution to the nightmarish modern day. Built for those who appreciate simplicity in design, as well as a good black mirror marathon.

The phone itself acts as a simple second replacement to your existing smartphone, allowing you to stay connected when you want, or leave your smartphone behind for a day. It has the same number, and essentially is the an extension of the same phone.

After two years in development the Light phone is now available to pre-order and will set you back a modest $125.

white light phone

You can find out more at the Light Phone webstore here. 

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