Barley & Hops Craft Beer Book

For some, beer has always been a treat for body and soul. Now, beer is establishing itself as the drink of choice among a hipper, cultured audience. “Brew it yourself” is more than a trend; it’s the credo of a new creative scene that has developed around beer and is questing for its lost taste. What began over 30 years ago with hobby brewers in the United States has today become an international movement with beer-loving adherents from Europe to South Africa.

Barley & Hops: The Craft Beer Book explores the ever expanding craft beer movement with an in depth look at the brewing process as well as a mind boggling large A-Z covering the multitude of beers available today, from centuries old lambic beers to modern day grapefruit infused IPAs.

Furthermoore the book looks at the diverse and creative world of micro-brewing and the brewers themselves where their interiors & packaging design is as characteristic as the beers themselves and includes striking labels, bottle shapes and interior bar fits that have influencer many other industries.

Here is a small sample of what you can expect:

barley & hops

The book is available to buy online here.

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