The Pros & Cons Of Learning To Drive (Is It Worth It?)

The Pros & Cons Of Learning To Drive (Is It Worth It?).

Is there any point in learning to drive in modern society? If you live in a busy city, should you bother spending money on a car

These are the questions that bother a lot of people, particularly when you can’t drive. You seem to think that you almost need to drive because it’s expected of you once you reach a certain age. However, it isn’t a decision that will be beneficial for everyone. By looking at the pros and cons of learning to drive, you’ll soon figure out if it’s something you should do…

Pro: More freedom

The big advantage is that you have the freedom to drive and go wherever you want, whenever you want. You no longer have to follow public transport schedules and depend on others to get where you need to be. You choose when and where to go, so you have more control of your daily commute. 

Con: Very expensive

Learning to drive is extremely expensive, with lessons alone costing over a thousand pounds. Factor in the cost of theory tests and practical tests and you’re spending a fortune on this. Then, when you do pass your tests, you have to pay for insurance, fuel and the car itself. You can spend hundreds of pounds per year running a car, which may be more expensive than other methods of getting around. 

Pro: Can be better for the environment

Yes, learning to drive could be better for the environment, but only if you drive an electric car. This way, you can completely reduce your carbon footprint on your daily travels. You know that you’re generating zero emissions through your car, rather than taking a train or a bus. If you care about the environment and your impact on the earth, learning to drive could be beneficial as it lets you drive an electric vehicle. 

Con: Takes a long time to learn

On average, it can take 45 hours for you to be ready to pass your driving test. While that doesn’t seem that long, you have to consider that a lot of driving instructors might provide one or two lessons per week, depending on their schedule. This means it can take weeks for you to be ready for your test, then you have to wait for a test to be available. Sure, there are earlier driving tests available, but it can literally be months before you’re even able to take the test. If you fail, you have to wait again, which can be super annoying. 

Overall, learning to drive will really divide opinions. Mostly, it comes down to your current lifestyle. Do you struggle to get to work every day because of public transport? Do you wish that you had a car to take you wherever you need to be? For some of us, driving simply isn’t necessary for our lives. Everything we need is within walking distance, and we live close to public transport stations to take us to other places. If this applies to you, learning to drive could be a needless expense that takes up a lot of your time.

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