Thomas & Evans No. 1

Thomas & Evans No. 1, the premium non-alcoholic beverage.

This new, non alcoholic drink is set to be the new tipple of choice for discerning drinkers who drink less alcohol or no alcohol at all.

A sophisticated drink to create extraordinary ‘zero proof’ drinking experiences.

Thomas & Evans No.1 has been created to satisfy smart sippers with a refreshing, aromatic drink for those moments when they choose not to drink alcohol.  T&E No.1 is gently sparkling and reveals flavours of green fruits, citrus peel and botanicals, layer by layer.  Its intricate blend of over 20 ingredients, including silver birch charcoal filtered green fruit juices and steam-distilled botanicals, unlocks a bouquet of aromas including apple, elderflower, citrus peel and oak tincture.

T&E No.1’s subtle sweetness occurs naturally from the fruit extracts used, and contains only 53 calories when served in a 175ml glass, which is around one third of the calories of a glass of wine.

T&E No.1 has been created by WiseHead Productions, a new business backed by Britvic, setup to create drinks for adults who seek exceptional drinking experiences. Co-Founder of WiseHead Productions, Ounal Bailey, who spearheaded the development of T&E No.1 comments:

[su_quote cite=”Ounal Bailey”] I feel passionately that non-drinkers at social occasions should enjoy exceptional drinks that are creatively crafted.  We’ve carefully selected the ingredients to create T&E No.1, a drink that is refreshing yet with a depth of flavour that will delight even the most discerning palates. [/su_quote]

The inspiration behind T&E stems from the namesakes of this innovation, whose story was uncovered in the Britvic archives. Mr William Thomas and Mr William Evans, business partners in the 1880’s, were inspired by the growing temperance movement of the time and prospered by making drinks to sell in public houses as non-alcoholic alternatives.  Mr Thomas and Mr Evans were renowned for their obsession with quality and their entrepreneurial spirit lives on in T&E No.1, with which Ounal and her team have set out to transform non-alcoholic drinking experiences.

I was lucky enough to sample a bottle of T&E myself. I served the drink over ice with a sprig of rosemary and an apple slice and it was delicious; a very delicate and refreshing taste, with an almost champagne-like quality.

T&E served over ice with a sprig of rosemary and an apple slice

T&E No.1 is available in a 330ml bottle and is available to buy at Harvey Nichols, London for £3.95.

Thomas & Evans


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