Top Tips For Moving During A Pandemic

Top Tips For Moving During A Pandemic.

One of the most exciting things that you can do in life is move into a home of your own. Getting out of the family home and striking out on your own is exciting – and you should be happy. However, the pandemic has put a pin in that happiness for a lot of people because moving during a pandemic isn’t actually the easiest thing to do! Mortgages have been delayed, house viewings are now online and you can’t interact with many people at a time you really need to interact!

Top Tips For Moving During A Pandemic Lounge

You have to plan ahead as much as possible when you’re moving during a pandemic, and if you could put it off you would – but here you are! One thing that you will find during this time is that not a lot of moving companies are actually helping people to move so you will largely be doing it all alone. This is the time you want to try and book in for a van service. This will ensure that you can make sure that the van is in the best possible condition before you start loading! You have to keep the whole process in mind during a pandemic, as it has to be as safe as possible. Here’s some tips to help!

Top Tips For Moving During A Pandemic

  1. House hunt online. It’s not the best way to do things, but watching a walk through video online is going to help you to see as much of your home as possible before you move in. Virtual tours aren’t the only thing you should be doing, but it’s going to be a first step to finding somewhere to live. Once you find the dream house, that’s when you mask up and go and see it!
  2. Move yourself. Loading up your van (or a van you hire!) and moving yourself will help you to reduce the risk of others being around you. This will reduce any potential transmission risk and ensure that you have a much safer move overall.
  3. Pack as much as you can yourself so that you know others aren’t touching your stuff. You need to ensure that you are keeping yourself to yourself and not spreading any potential viruses, even if you don’t have any! Before you decide to donate anything, message a local charity to check they’re taking anything in. Some of them have stopped since the pandemic and others have their own procedures for it!
  4. Call in the professional cleaners. Not only do you want to leave your current house as clean and as disinfected as possible for others, you want to make sure that your new house is squeaky clean, too. Give your new house some time to be disinfected, though, as it’s one of the best barriers to infection. Wait a few days and call in the expert cleaners to get it all done for you.
  5. Go beyond the standard clean and sanitise well. If you have movers helping you, provide masks and sanitisers at the front door before they come in. Keep your distance and make this move count!

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