Van Gogh Alive blooms in London

Van Gogh Alive blooms in London.

After mesmerising a global audience of over 7 million people in 65 cities, Van Gogh Alive arrives in the beautiful Kensington Gardens from 4th June to 26th September 2021.

Presented by the independent financial advisory firm Timothy James & Partners, this blockbuster multi-sensory experience completely immerses you in the life and work of Vincent van Gogh as you travel through periods of his life that defined him as an artist.

Van Gogh Alive blooms in London ArtState-of-the-art immersive gallery technology immaculately displays Van Gogh’s work in a kaleidoscope of colour. Set to an evocative classical score that is delivered via a high-fidelity 3D sound system, this combination of sound, visuals and aromas of Provence will give visitors the sensation of walking right into his paintings as if they are living and breathing. Interactive art stations, a walk-in representation of Van Gogh’s ‘Bedroom in Arles’ painting and the iconic ‘Sunflower selfie room’ are further highlights.

Van Gogh Alive blooms in London Kensington

Once visitors have finished immersing themselves in the life and works of Van Gogh, they will be able to relax and refuel in the beautiful Café Provençale where they can enjoy a delicious array of food and drink whilst watching the world go by inside the stunning Kensington Gardens.

Tickets are priced from £24.00 for adults and £14.00 for children, with concessions available.

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