What Does it Mean to Embrace the Biker Lifestyle?

What Does it Mean to Embrace the Biker Lifestyle?

There are around 9 million motorcyclists in the USA alone. Yet, you may be under some common misconceptions about the biker lifestyle. TV shows like Sons of Anarchy make all bikers look like thugs and criminals. Also, the notorious Hell’s Angels club gives the wrong impression. Of course, there is a criminal element among bikers. Still, most are simple motorcycle enthusiasts who love to share their passion with each other.

Love for Your Ride

When thinking about bikers, you probably imagine leather-clad middle-aged dudes riding outrageous choppers. But like cars, motorcycles come in countless shapes, sizes and styles. There’s something for everyone, from perky scooters and mopeds to powerful cruisers and tourers. But no matter your preference, one thing is clear among bikers; they love their ride. Bikers are inspirationally passionate about their vehicle. And you should be too. So take the time to shop around both new and used motorcycle dealers to find a suitable ride for you.

The Open Road, Rain or Shine

I think it’s safe to say most of us have something holding us back. No matter your job, family life, or financial situation, you usually can’t just up and leave. One of the perks of living the biker life is the freedom to hit the open road on two wheels without worrying about how long you will be gone or where you will end up. Additionally, regardless of the weather, you are always on two wheels. You can’t beat the freedom and joy of riding a motorcycle, and something about defying Mother Nature calls to you. Rain or shine, the open road beckons.

Any Excuse to Ride

Because you are a true biker, you will feel any excuse to get up, out and ride. This is simply because you love being on two wheels with the wind in your face. Nothing in life you can do feels quite like the thrill or extreme power under your saddle. You feel queasy just thinking about taking public transport to work or a road trip in a car. And you always ride your bike, even if it’s a moped, to get where you need to go. Run out of milk? Jump on your bike. Kids need picking up? Grab the little helmets. If this is your life right now, you’re already a biker. 

A New Family

Many biker clubs and chapters operate under the paradigm of a virtual brotherhood. Allegiance to your club is expected if you belong to one. It might even be sacrilegious to say the word brotherhood in vain. Your loyalties might grow and take precedence over your life as you embrace the lifestyle. Many bikers become so close they are one massive family. However, you don’t need to join a motorcycle club to embrace the lifestyle. But sharing your passion with others might be difficult without doing so, as many chapters are restricted to members only.

A Lifelong Obsession

Being a biker is a part of knowing about horsepower, clutch plates, or block pistons, and even your most profound conversations revolve around them. This is the way of the biker and the beginning of a lifelong obsession. As a biker enthusiast, your life will never be the same again. Your children and partner aside, riding, bike meets, clubs and constantly working on your machine are the only things that bring you joy. Fortunately, you can make the most of it by biking for a living on behalf of a club or with sponsors. Live to ride, ride to live.