Whisky Tasting With The Dram Team

Whisky Tasting With The Dram Team.

A few years back, Japanese whisky really caught my attention. Tracking its rising popularity was an interesting journey. Now, as Japanese whisky seems to have become a little more mainstream I’ve always been interested in what will come next.

Whisky Tasting With The Dram Team - Premium Whisky

The Dram Team specialise in a niche that really caught my eye. Championing out-of-the-ordinary drams, they’ve made exploring whisky efficient and easy. Whisky tasting with The Dram Team couldn’t be simpler.

Whisky Tasting With The Dram Team – Who are they?

Focusing predominantly on Scotch and single malts, The Dram Team provide a whisky-tasting-by-post subscription and gift service. The Whisky Tasting experience aims to provide member with interesting whiskies to explore. The service is a great way to take your first step into the world of whisky.

If however, you’re already a seasoned whisky enthusiast, the team provide a fantastic opportunity to expand your palette and explore previously unknown gems.

Whisky Tasting With The Dram Team - Whisky Dram

Whisky Tasting With The Dram Team – How it works

Each month the team hand-select 6 whiskies for members, carefully package them and send them directly to your door. Each of the Whisky boxes contains:

  • five 25ml drams of curated whiskies normally worth up to £80 RRP for a 70cl;
  • the “Sixth Dram”: a super-special 10ml taster dram at £125+ per 70cl;
  • and a set of deluxe tasting note cards to tell you about each of the whiskies you’ll get to try.

Whisky Tasting With The Dram Team - Whiskies

Whisky Tasting With The Dram Team – Final thoughts

As I mentioned previously I’m always on the lookout for something different. Sampling The Dram Team’s selection of whiskies I was fortunate enough to try a Swedish single malt. Whilst all the drams were superb, it was the Mackmyra Gront Te that really stood out for me.

Having little knowledge of the Swedish whisky scene the flashcards were invaluable in furthering my awareness. Learning that no fewer than four different styles o vintage Japanese tea leaves season the cask is extremely unusual and something I would love to know more about.

Leaving me more than impressed, it’s easy to sea why tasting box memberships are growing rapidly. The Dram Team have already been featured in GQ and look to be going from strength to strength.

Signing up to their subscription service is a great way to expand your whisky knowledge and try some amazing whiskies without having to spend loads of money on a full bottle each time.

Whisky Tasting With The Dram Team

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