Nasir Sobhani, the worlds greatest Barber
[su_quote]I love people, and I love cutting hair. This is my passion. This is what makes me happy. The joy I see in a person after getting groomed brings me joy. I used to be a drug addict and I didn’t care about anybody else. Now that I’m sober, serving others is the best high I’ve ever felt. Sharing the voice of the unheard is my new drug. I love being The Streets Barber.[/su_quote]

Nasir Sobhani aka The Streets Barber is no ordinary barber.  A recovered heroin addict Nasir moved from Canada to Sydney 3 years ago following a successful stint in rehab and began working as an apprentice barber. Inspired by a fellow recovering addict, who celebrated his one month sobriety with a haircut, Nasir saw the newfound confidence something as simple as a haircut can provide.

Now, Nasir’s one day off a week is spent on the streets of Sydney armed with his barber kit and his skateboard. Nasir can be seen around town providing the homeless with a free haircut and a shave, but, more importantly as Nasir says, human interaction and companionship.


[su_quote]“A haircut can do so much for someone … and that’s why I named what I do ‘Clean Cut, Clean Start, I’m hoping with a clean cut — it’s as simple as this — you’ll just have a clean start to life.”[/su_quote]


Nasir has set up, a place where people can find stories, ideas, hope and inspiration in order to go out and serve their community in their own way.


Join tens of thousands of others and follow Nasir and his inspirational journey:





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