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Approaching 20 years as the Strokes lead guitarist, a successful solo career & a stint as a fashion designer. All round nice guy Albert Hammond Jr knows a thing or two about living a stylish life.

From his curly haired three-piece suit wearing days to his more casual wardrobe choices, we take a look at the timeless punk style of one of the indie era’s defining characters.

[su_quote] “You get dressed so you can feel a certain way, so you can attract a certain kind of attention,” [/su_quote]

Albert Hammond Jr

[su_quote cite=”GQ Interview” url=””]When I first fell in love with music, and fell in love with bands that dressed the part 24/7. My idea was you can’t dress for the stage, you have to dress all the time like you’re onstage. And so I would just always wear suits or some form of it. I wanted people to know I played music.[/su_quote]

Albert Hammond Style: Key Looks

As fun as a nostalgic look back at the noughties is, it’s Albert Hammond Jr’s modern style that really inspires. A much more accessible, laid back style that still manages to capture that punk spirit of the early Strokes days, without the sharp suits (most of the time).

The White T-shirt

There’s nothing boring about a white T-shirt. As Albert Hammond Jr knows, it’s all about how you wear it. Dressed down under a denim or leather jacket or worn under his iconic lightening guitar strap.

Albert Hammond Jr Fashion

The T-shirt & Waistcoat

A standout look that adds an air of individuality and confidence to your wardrobe. If you can carry it off half as well as this, you’ve done well.

The Fred Perry Polo

A more close to home piece, the Fred Perry polo makes a regular appearance on and off stage with Albert Hammond Jr, like many other musicians. Mainly worn in black & white with a pair of exquisitely tailored trousers.

Albert Hammond Jr Style

Albert Hammond Jr polo

Timeless Dark Jackets

In an interview with Fader, AHJ talks about how a good suit can get you in anywhere in New York, it’s better than a VIP pass, and he’s no stranger to the sharp suit jacket.

Dress Like Albert Hammond Jr

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