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Ask most people to think of a famous skateboarder and they’ll say Tony Hawk, not the coolest guy and certainly not a style icon. However more of you may be familiar with Dylan Rieder than you think, as when he’s not skating he’s moonlighting as an international fashion model.

Mr Porter recently did a great feature on skateboardings second best dressed man Arto Saari (worth a read here). So we’ve decided to look at the best.

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Dylan Rieder Style dylan-reider-940-wplok

Dylan Rieder Style

Rock & Roll and skateboarding go hand in hand and Dylan Rieder combines both with an effortless approach to dressing. Keeping things simple, with loosely fitting clothes for skating accompanied with skinny jeans and leather jackets to finish off outfits. Although this isn’t a unique style, it’s rare to find someone who pulls it off in a more authentic and natural way than this.

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Get The Look

When it comes to buying items like leather Jackets and plain T-shirts – keep it simple and make sure you invest in quality, there’s nothing worse than a cheap leather jacket that looks plastic or a plain white t-shirt that doesn’t have the right fit. I’ve opted for a Beams Plus black leather biker jacket and a Massimo Alba T-shirt.

Dylan Rieder Style 672396_mrp_in_l Dylan Rieder Style 679682_mrp_in_l

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