Ewan McGregor Style Profile

Scottish National treasure and OBE Ewan McGregor recently turned 45 and made his directing debut after years of iconic film roles. From Mark Renton to John Ronson his on-screen characters rarely lack irreverence but for some reason I always imagined him to be a straight edge guy with a very beige wardrobe. After watching the Long Way Down however,  I discovered a skinny jean, leather jacket clad style that proved my stereotyping of him was way off.

He is actually an incredibly well dressed guy with much more of a rock and roll style that you would imagine. Looking through the pictures you’ll see he wears mainly black, slim fitting clothes with the occasional stand out piece (usually the footwear). He also has expensive tastes, favouring brands such as Vivienne Westwood, Lanvin & Neil Barret.

Ewan McGregor Style

Ewan McGregor Style

There’s two distinct sides to Ewan McGregor’s Style. His casual wear is classic biker attire, head to toe in black and greys, skinny jeans, desert boots and the essential leather jacket. Then there’s the formal side. As a man who often has to attend black tie events and television appearances etc he manages to walk the line of relaxed tailoring very capably, usually just opting for a suit jacket and keeping the skinny jeans and t-shirt look underneath.

To best replicate that Ewan McGregor style we’ve gone for this classic AllSaints leather bomber in black, for the dressed down days on the motorbike. Then, for the red carpet, this Paul Smith black wool suit is a versatile jacket that can be worn as a slightly more casual piece.


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