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Josh Tillman aka Father John Misty, was the ex-drummer of Fleet Foxes and produced seven solo records under his own name before adopting his new moniker ‘Father John Misty’, under which he paints himself as a drug fueled hobo writing darkly amusing music. So, not your average men’s style icon. However, this self portrayed ladies’ man has a damn fine beard and the rare gift of effortless style.

In my opinion style and persona are both essential to be considered an icon. If you look at 95% of iconic figures in men’s fashion they are cool, you could dress Ed Sheeran in the nicest clothes going but he’s never going to inspire men to look like Ed Sheeran. It’s for this reason that Father John Misty makes our list – he’s an extremely cool guy.


When asked where his alter ego came from the answer was; “I got into a van with enough mushrooms to choke a horse and drove down the coast with nowhere to go, sitting naked in a tree, hallucinating and scratching my head like an ape. And I confronted the great cosmic joke. I’d wanted to be perceived as this spiritual person, but the reality was me running about with my pants around by my knees.”

From this shroom inspired realisation, his music and style changed to fit his new hopeless Hollywood persona. An effortless style that consists mainly of formal wear dressed down to create the image of a man who looks constantly on his way home from a heavy night.

father john misty style

Key Looks

The one constant with all of his outfits is the casual approach to formal dressing, it’s not a casual look but a conscious lack of effort to look smart – and there’s a difference.  Blazers and shirts feature heavily but never worn in a dressed up way, buttoned down collars, rolled sleeves and popped collars dominate the styling.

Father John Misty Style

The great thing about the ‘Father John Misty style’ is how accessible it is to the average guy (who can grow a beard).  Nothing extravagant needed or a even a wide range of clothes. Just make sure you’ve got yourself a nice dark blazer, grey shirt, skinny jeans and a couple of pairs of sunglasses to never be taken off.

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