Kit Harington Style Icon

Kit Harington Style Icon

Christopher Catesby Harington A.K.A Kit Harington is the son of a businessman and a playwright. Growing up in west London, and then, from 11, rural Worcestershire, Kit and his brother Jack, were frequently taken to watch live drama from a young age.

Kit’s first big break came when he was still relatively young. Plucked from drama school at 21 years old he was cast as the lead in War Horse, performing at London’s National Theatre and then in the West End.

What happened next? Game of Thrones.

You’re most likely to recognise this maverick actor for his heroic antics in the popular television series Game of Thrones. Even if you’re not up to date with HBO’s hit T.V. series where Kit plays Jon Snow – Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, you’ll probably recognise Mr Harington as his public profile has been on the rise over the past few years. (…On the off chance you have no idea who this gentleman is, I’m sure you’ll have heard someone around the office quoting ‘You know nothing Jon Snow’).

Away from the screen Harington has an extremely laid back approach to style; very much played-down casual. He favours vintage skinny jeans, leather boots and cleverly worn accessories to produce a simplistic, easy to replicate look.


Here we can see Harington giving some air time to a great quality pair of Chelsea boots in some turned-up skinny jeans. Throwing in a light blue knit adds a pop of colour to compliment the raw indigo denim in a  confident AW outfit. The statement piece clearly being the black suede jacket, the sleeves are freely rolled up and Kit means business.

kit harrington style 2

My personal favourite piece from this outfit is definitely the duck-egg blue knit . It’s cleverly worked into a suede and denim dominated outfit and works well to lighten the look.

kit harington style 3 London Mélange Cashmere Sweater
Burberry London Mélange Cashmere Sweater

Knowing how to style a smart casual jumper during interchangeable seasons is an art. Wearing this navy-and-white Breton stripe knit, again over skinny jeans and boots portrays a great casual look suitable for numerous occasions.

Kit Harington Style 15

Pair the jumper with a shorter jacket for the colder months – think leather bikers, denim jackets, bombers and even a zip-up Harrington (sorry…).

kit harington style 5 Cotton-Ventile® Harrington Jacket
Private White V.C. Harrington Jacket

Classic Outerwear

Kit leans toward to the classic pea coat here to give a clean and sharp silhouette whilst strutting down the streets of London. The turned-up bat wing lapel flare of the pea coat really suits his style. Combined with practical accessories to combine aesthetic and functionality the bags are key to harmonizing the overall feel of the outfit by blending well with tones of the footwear.

kit harington style 8

Be sure to check out REISS for some outstanding classic outerwear.

Camel/ Khaki/ Olive

kit harington style 1

Everyone has a go to hue; a shade they can pull off more than any other. It would seem this particular icon often prefers desert and earthy tones.

kit harington style 11

Again sporting short length jackets Kit opts for an olive green jacket with a hardware gold zip half done up to portray and relaxed nonchalant feel. Denim again completes the outfit together with a smart pair of brown suede shoes. quite a ‘camouflage-esque kind of feel to this; very relevant to SS16 as various brands are taking inspiration from the desert. (Check out our feature on Realm & Empire’s Ridin’ the Storm collection).

Suit up

As one of the biggest names around at the moment, Harington needs to pull off a more formal look from time to time. Importantly, it is noticeable how he always seems to have the cut of the suit right on the money. His physique is accentuated through tighter fitting suits much like those worn by Daniel Craig (however not early to the extremes in which Mr Craig pushes the boundaries).

Below we can see here how Harington works in the laid back style into his tailoring. A linen navy suit incorporating white fleck highlights offers a lightweight cotton alternative which he worse for the Wimbledon sunshine during the summer last year.

kit harington style 14

More examples of dressing down a formal look. So simple to replicate, Harington sports a well fitted blazer and merely opens the shirt collar to look effortlessly cool whilst still giving off a smart and dapper aura.

kit harington style 17

Away from the screen

As you will have noticed Kit isn’t a bad looking guy. Hence his modelling career since his rise to stardom has gone from strength to strength. Hand-picked for the Jimmy Choo SS15 campaign, creative director Sandra Choi said ‘He has a natural and alluring masculinity and an effortless sense of style. His cool attitude and smouldering sensuality belie a true British gentleman.’

Kit Harington Style Jimmy Choo

On top of this Kit made a fair few appearances in GQ, which some would argue is the pinnacle of men’s style. Featuring in numerous ‘best dressed men of the week’ among other features he is certainly worthy of his status as a style icon.

kit harington style GQ

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