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Alex Turner formed the band Arctic Monkeys in 2002 with two of his schoolmates and one of his neighbours.

Turner has come a long way from the 20-year-old who was named by NME magazine as the coolest person in the world in December 2005.

alex turner fashion

In the early years Alex dated Alexa Chung, one of the most well known fashionistas around at the time.  Her influence certainly had a hand in helping establish Turner as the style icon he is today.

Alexa tended to don more vintage clothing and possessed a laid back aura of London street chic that seemed to rub off on the Artic Monkeys front man.

Turner’s clothing began to evolve into a unique personal style for the times; a throw back to the old era of “Rock n Roll” while incorporating the classic Mod look which has manifested itself in all its glory in his more recent style.

alex turner style 2014

2013 was the year Alex Turner fully emerged from his shaggy-haired, indie-rock chrysalis to become a bone fide style icon, packaged in skinny jeans, plain white tees and the kind of pomade-soaked quiff that puts Elvis in the shade.

Creating the Alex Turner look is extremely simple but incredibly effective as it reaches out to the general male population.

Leather jacket and shirt combo.

alex 3

A lot of Black

alex turner style

Leather footwear

alex turner fashion

As we have mentioned, Turner has travelled a long journey to become the icon he is today; collecting the 2006 Mercury Music Prize in a charcoal long-sleeve T-shirt and jeans, his current 1950s-inspired image (part biker, part teddy boy, part Elvis) has now enshrined him as a global style legend.

arctic monkeys fashion

What would Alex Turner wear?

Barney's Leather Jacket - blackNudie Leather Jacket Jonny Biker - blackMen's Levi's Line 8 510 black skinny jeansMens White Oxford Short Sleeve Shirt

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