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Andrea Pirlo has enjoyed a trophy- laden career. He started out by working through the ranks at Inter Milan before controversially moving to rivals AC Milan for a 10 year spell. It was here where a talented, young Italian alerted the world to his brilliance by winning both the Champion’s League and Italian league title twice. In the mean time he won the World Cup with Italy in 2006 and just as people began to think his career was coming to an end, in 2011, he made another controversial switch to Juventus where he has won the Italian league consecutively for the past three years.

 andrea pirlo style

Pirlo doesn’t fit the stereotypical mould you would often associate with the average footballer, he didn’t grow up playing on the streets as many of the world’s top footballers seem to.  He in fact comes from a middle-class family and is the son of a wealthy businessman. Having such a background has led to opportunities outside of the world of football. On top of  holding shares in the family steel company, he also owns a vineyard in Italy which is known to produce thousands of bottles of wine a year and Pirlo himself is somewhat of a connoisseur.

 andrea pirlo wine

His style icon status has extended beyond the confines of his sporting ability, thanks to an interesting background and private life as documented in his recent autobiography- philosophically titled: “I think, therefore I play”.

Pirlo took his style to another level when he joined up with Juventus; sporting a fashionable beard he transformed his look with his iconic warrior- like facial hair.

andrea pirlo beard

With his long, flowing hair and impressive beard, Pirlo looks more like a philosopher than a footballer; he portrays a very elegant, sophisticated and gentlemanly look, qualities exaggerated by his choice of tailored clothing. You may not be able to grow his trademark beard, but you can certainly re-create his style.

andrea pirlo fashion

To reproduce Andrea’s look, there is no better place to start than with a fine quality shirt which you can use as a casual or formal base to an outfit; find a perfect pair of chinos and perhaps a travel bag,

pirlo 8

then finish it off with a pair of retro styled sunglasses.

andrea pirlo fashion

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