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Premier league superstar turned Sky Sports pundit, Thierry Henry is arguably the most stylish footballer of his generation, both on and off the pitch.

Having grown up in Paris before moving to play in Monaco, London then New York, Henry has certainly lived in the right cities when it comes to style.

Despite leaving Paris, his persona & style very much fly the French flag. Unlike other countries such as Italy and the US, the french traditionally have less of a range to their wardrobe; focusing on essential formalwear and getting it right, in this respect Henry fits the stereotype perfectly.

Thierry henry style

[su_heading size=”20″]”It’s just simple, and that’s exactly what I like. I like to be myself and wear what I want to wear.” [/su_heading]

Thierry Henry Suit

Key Looks

As seen above his staple look is simple, a deep blue or navy suit with a plain or minimally patterned white shirt, a french classic and a common outfit for most men but it’s how it is styled and fitted that makes the difference. Unlike most men in their 30’s he is not afraid to go for that skinny fit which I personally think is the only way to wear a suit with style, regardless of age.  Every suit you see him in is impeccably well designed and no doubt made from the highest quality. Of course it helps if you were on a premier league salary.

For this article I tried to find a range of styles, including more dressed down casual looks but the difficulty of finding these more casual images proves how committed Henry is to looking sharp. That consistency and almost uniform like dress sense can be limiting and often criticised but Henry seems to be one of those rare icons who looks so natural in a suit that it works for him in such a diverse range of occasions.

Here is an interview he did discussing his collection with Tommy Hilfiger, working with the man himself and his own personal views on style.

Get The Thierry Henry Style

For this I’ve gone for his staple blue suit with a subtle gingham check from Thom Sweeney, then for those on a budget I’ve chosen this check grey suit from REISS.


Thom Sweeney Threepeice
Thiery Henry suit
Reiss Shotel Threepeice

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