Redefining Your Style As You Get Older

Redefining Your Style As You Get Older.

As men get older, their wardrobe tends to change. That said, while there will always be fashionable ideals from a formal perspective, it can be hard to figure out what recent generations will want to wear as they age, and what will be available to them.

Of course, we’re living in an era where whatever fashionable approach you wish to take is often justified provided you enjoy wearing it and pull it off with confidence. For that reason, worrying about the minute rules and details is probably not something to lose sleep over, because you can always experiment, change your style, and have fun where appropriate.

Redefining your style as you get older, then, can seem tough, but is ultimately always rewarded when shaped to the needs of the now. In this post, we’ll define three style pointers that can help you keep your wardrobe fresh, and you feeling confident under the threads.

Update Your Tone Profile

It’s good to update your tone profile depending on your changing hair color. You may find that you have a little more grey or even silver in your beard, showcasing a slow change towards maturity. This can happen in your mid 20s, or it might happen later. Of course, you can dye your hair should you wish to, but it’s always best to make sure the tones of your clothing work with the new tones of your hair and slightly darkening skin, which tends to happen as you age. Shifting from greys to chestnuts browns and golds could aid you when wearing overcoats, for instance.

Learn To Layer Comfortably

When we think of mature fashion, we think layers, comfort, and the interchangeability of mens overshirts and coats. Learning to layer in this way allows you to keep a formal staple like an undershirt with a comforting, less formal overshirt or overcoat that provides the broader visual appeal of your outfit. This way, you can retain that sense of maturity and sharpness without having to constantly wear formal gear. An approach like this can help you feel more confident, while still providing that versatility you’re entitled to.

High-Quality Clothing Staples

Of course, investing in high-quality clothing staples is important, but more important as you age. It’s good to showcase the wisdom of age through your clothing, that is through wearing items that offer more craftsmanship and durability to them. A strong pair of well-crafted boots can last for years and can be repaired over time, providing a beautiful and character-led staple to an outfit. A coat may encounter repair patches allowing it to mature alongside you. You can also find that small quirks are more easy to pull off as you age, such as a larger hunting cap, hunting jacket, and fingerless gloves to ride your vehicle around tone. Lean into these eccentricities if you wish to – they’re a lot of fun.

With this advice, you’re sure to properly redefine your style as you get older, all for the betterment of your self-image.