The Worst Menswear Trends Of 2016, And The Solutions.

2016 wasn’t just a bad year for politics & music fans, men’s style also took a beating. One look at is enough to justify having a good laugh at some of the styles that somehow made it out of the studio… and just in case you got carried away in 2016 and decided you needed 16 zips on your bomber jacket, here’s some simple solutions to the help you sharpen up for 2017. So here it is, our round up of the worst menswear trends 2016 had to offer.

Longline t-shirts

The trend has been around since 2015 but this year it was taken to a new level of ridiculous. Personally, my worst menswear trend of 2016 just because of how inexplicably popular wearing a cape has become.

long line t-shirt worst menswear trend

The Solution

If you own these i’m afraid you may be beyond help but just stick to a timeless pocket t-shirt. This is one of the easiest things to get right if you pay for good quality and make sure it’s well fitting.

Club Monaco Pocket Tee

Useless zips

I can’t get my head around this one, minimalism in menswear has never been more in fashion but that didn’t stop some brands plastering zips all over jackets in the weirdest places.

worst menswear trends 2016

The Solution

Again, keep it simple. This slightly padded cotton bomber from Folk is the perfect minimalist solution.

Folk Bomber Jacket


Ridiculous sneakers

I’m not the biggest fan of Athleisure but still appreciate a nice pair of sneakers. Only nice ones though, not the kind that look like deformed wellies. However, in 2016, ‘sneakerheads’ insisted on promoting ANYTHING Kanye West was seen wearing (at least before he got sectioned).

The Solution

There are some great minimalist sneakers out there, the key is to keep it smart and clean. These Paul Smith leather sneakers, crafted from premium calf leather with subtle brush-off detailing are the way to go.

Paul Smith Leather Sneakers

Wearable Tech

It’s easy to get carried away with technology but one series of black mirror is enough to put anyone off.

The Solution

Nothing will ever beat the timeless quality & style of a classic watch. This Mondaine is a classic Swiss throwback. If you’re looking for something with a more British feel read our recent post on British minimalist watches here.

Mondaine Swiss Watch

Let us know if you agree with our worst menswear trends of 2016 in the comments below.


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