3 Men’s Style Blogs to Read in April

Here are our top 3 men’s style blogs to read this April.

The Nomad Barber

nomad barber

Miguel Gutierrez A.K.A The Nomad Barber spent the year prior to opening his Barbershop travelling the world and documenting barbering globally. Inspired by many of the barbers he met Miguel was able to implement the various styles and techniques brought back from his travels into The Nomad Barber.

Located just off Brick Lane, in the trendy East End, The Nomad Barber offers very competitive rates. All shaves and haircuts run at 45 minute slots which is rarely seen outside of Mayfair. This allows them to offer a complimentary hair wash, hot towel and hot lather neck shave with every haircut and incorporate various massage techniques into the shaves.

The Nomad Barber also runs a unique and intriguing web-series, again founded by Miguel Gutierrez which documents a journey across five continents discovering how a trade, which dates back to 3500 B.C. varies across the globe.

The journey began on June 12th 2013. Flyng to Athens to discover more about the the Greek barbers who brought classic barbering to Europe and from there went to Turkey the gateway to the Middle East, beginning a 12 month pilgrimage to learn more about the history of barbering and male grooming worldwide.

He used the social aspect of the barbershop to talk to people from all walks of life. Setting up a stool at any given opportunity offering haircuts to fellow travellers, whether it was on the street side, in parks, on the beach or in other picturesque locations, it was an adventure of a lifetime.

The Nomad Barber has managed to visit and film in 27 countries on his round the travels, amassing millions of Youtube views and a following of nearly 200.000 people over different social media platforms.

Grey Fox Blog


A mature search for style. Fashion and menswear for the older man.

David Evans started Grey Fox in December 2011. He felt the fashion industry often neglected the large, affluent market of middle-aged and older men over 40 years of age. Since then, David has well and truly opened doors for men over 40; if you just take a minute to read through the comments on the blog it is clear David has had a profound impact on many mature gents looking to explore the world of men’s fashion.

David works with Sarah Gilfillan, a talented personal stylist running Sartoria Lab, Sarah helps him out with the blog.


It’s clear that David has a passion for writing about menswear style and fashion for the older man. On top of this, something that strikes a chord with us here at OTC, he has a profound interest in British-made products. As a result of his passion and skill-set, David has been fortunate enough able to collaborate with a wide range of brands and model certain pieces he feels are distinct and stylish for the mature gentleman.

David Evans Mr Porter

With Love Project


With Love Project is a site dedicated to finding people who produce things with a passion and purpose. It is brought to you by Chris Roberts and Rob Evans and documents their search to find individuals who truly care about what they do and what they produce. Asking one single question along the way… “Why do you do what you do?”

With Love also run an ‘Essentials‘ feature where they ask people who inspire them to share their essentials items. There’s some really great people in there, so it’s well worth checking out their essentials. Then, if you’re really struggling to fill your time you can check out ours too…

Andy’s Essentials

Simon’s Essentials


With the help of GF Smith and Kickstarter, With Love Project were looking to create a beautiful limited edition hardback book of the people they’ve met containing lots of exclusive and previously unseen interviews and photography. To make this project a reality they had to hit their funding total – I’m very happy to announce that they have recently hit their total and as soon as the target was hit, they pressed the print button. This is a project we’ve been following for a little while now, and we couldn’t be happier for the guys that all their hard work has paid off.

With Love Project Book



  1. Although both With Love Project and Grey Fox were on my radar, the Nomad Barber was an excellent steer and I can’t wait to explore the web series. What an imaginative way to learn a trade through history, skills and sharing. Like you, Simon, delighted that the With Love hardback book of the journey to discover people who make things with purpose and passion was successful on Kickstarter. Nice post.

    1. Thanks Barrie! We’re making our way through Miguel’s web-series at the moment too, let us know what you think and they’re well worth a follow for their amazing images!

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