Last Shadow Puppets Style: Then & Now

It’s been 8 years since Alex turner & Miles Kane turned a long standing friendship into Last Shadow Puppets. A lot has changed since then, not least the music.

Nowadays, the pair are fully fledged indie icons with over 10 albums between them. Over the past few years they have without doubt influenced the style of the millennial indie generation. This feature delves into their personal style and reveals how they’ve developed their quintessential looks. Although equally iconic, from what we’ve seen from them in recent weeks, their style is unrecognisable from the early years…


Back in 2009 after two Arctic Monkeys albums Alex Turner had developed into style icon in his own right and Topman were quickly selling out of skinny jeans and Pea-coats. The pair had a strict dress code of all black with the occasional burgundy, it was all leather jackets, wool coats and turtle necks – the classic staples of British rock & roll with a slight classic edge.


A trip down memory lane below with the two sporting iconic Strokes-esque leather jackets and mod hair.




Fast-forward 8 years to present day and you wouldn’t be mistaken in thinking they’d gone back in time 30 years. The Sheffield to L.A transition for Turner seems complete with him head to toe in a turquoise mohair suit, (below) and no offence to Miles Kane but you get the impression that if Alex turner threw himself off a cliff Miles would be landing on top of him.

A recent shoot with GQ showed them both sporting eccentric seventies gear buttoned down to the chest; revere collars, metal chains and Miles is even wearing a full three piece with no shirt at one point,  not a look you could have predicted 10 years ago but it’s just as rock and roll.

Their new style is wildly eccentric, extremely bold and slightly sleazy but nevertheless neither of them look unnatural.



The whole thing feels more fun than anything, not taking themselves as seriously as maybe they once did, but the photo below is a great example of Turner adopting the 70’s look with the same effortless class and style as they had 8 years ago.


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It’s as brave look to go for and maybe one best kept to the confines of the backstage dressing room, but here’s my pick of a few modern 70’s favourites.

587057_mrp_in_l denim


In case you missed it, check out our style profile on Alex Turner Here.

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