Watch: Menswear Parody Video Pt.1 – The Architect

[su_heading size=”16″ margin=”0″]”We wanted to make the point that shopping for luxury brands doesn’t have to be intimidating and inaccessible, some depictions of menswear take themselves a little too seriously and we felt were ripe for parody so it was fantastic to be able to have some fun with this.”[/su_heading]


This video is the first in a series of menswear parody films created by Bicester Village, who are launching outlet stores including Givenchy, Hunter and Mont Blanc accessories.

In this video we meet the architect, in his enormous studio, complete with tortoise shell glasses, statement socks and a love for feeling paper.

This series brings a refreshing sense of humour to a industry that often takes itself too seriously, definitely worth a watch.

You can watch part two here.

View all Videos here.

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